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The use of digital communication platforms has soared in recent years with corporate offices, school districts, government organizations, social groups, and millions across the world working from home. No platform is more popular than Zoom.

Adding captions to a Zoom meeting not only makes the meeting accessible, it provides a record of the meeting. Captioned Zoom meetings can be streamed to YouTube or Facebook while retaining captions, and the platform always provides a caption file or Zoom transcript to hosts at the end of every session.

VITAC is a preferred third-party provider of Zoom Live Captioning. We provide Zoom closed captioning by real people to help keep you connected with and accessible to your employees, constituents, professional communities, and students.

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VITAC’s Zoom captioning solutions use the same professional captioners responsible for captioning television broadcasts, ensuring you experience our high-quality standards for every virtual meeting, town hall, conference, and classroom.

VITAC is built on a strong foundation and solid company culture – we’re a prepared company that knows how to respond to unforeseen challenges in the industry. Our core values – values that each VITAC employee holds dear – have been in place since Day One, and lay the groundwork that enables us to navigate any disruptions:


We’re Here

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and respectful to the needs of our clients. We’re reliable and responsive to calls and requests (we’re here 24/7/365) and flexible in our services, providing quick turnarounds and answers to your questions.


We Care

We strive to exceed expectations. Our captioning professionals, management, and administrative staff work to deliver service with excellence and integrity, and we always take the extra steps to make our clients’ lives easier.


We Lead

We embrace change, and we continuously strive to improve, whether it be from an operations standpoint or a technology need.


We Connect

We listen, and we understand individual needs.

VITAC is a full-service captioning provider with more than 30 years of experience. We staff the best captioners, develop cutting-edge technology, and influence industry standards. We work hard to make accessible content standard practice, and we stand by our commitment to provide captions and accessible solutions for our consumers, the tens of millions of Americans who rely on captioning every day.

How to Start Zoom Live Captioning

We make it easy to integrate captions on Zoom. We use real people and not automated speech recognition software, which means you’re getting the highest quality Zoom closed captioning, as well as unmatched customer service.

Closed captioning in Zoom is set up by the meeting host, and it can be turned on and off by meeting participants. Zoom captions appear at the bottom of the screen and scroll up as they are generated, appearing as captions do on television.

Getting the Process Started

  1. Click the “Order Captions Now” button at the top of this page to contact us for pricing, account set up, and scheduling
  2. Meet with our onboarding team, and follow our easy guide to learn how to enable and manage live closed captions in Zoom
  3. Start your meeting and our professional captioners will livestream text to your Zoom event

With VITAC, you have the option to display captions directly on the Zoom presentation screen or in a separate viewing window.


Tips for a Successful Zoom Meeting

  1. Schedule in Advance: Allow ample time before your first Zoom meeting for preparation. We like to meet with our customers and walk them through the process before using Zoom closed captioning for the first time. The more time you invest in learning the process, the less you have to worry about on the day of your event
  2. Prepare the Captioner: Our captioners produce the best quality captions in the industry, but even they can’t predict who is going to be in every Zoom meeting. Sending your attendee names, topics, and advance presentation materials ahead of the event will ensure that the captioner is prepared for your toughest terminology
  3. Understand the API Code: Our captioners connect to your meeting by way of the Zoom Captioning API. Luckily, you don’t have to memorize it – just start your meeting, copy the code, and send it our way
  4. Keep Accessibility in Mind: Captions are only part of the picture when it comes to accessible meetings. The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center has compiled a list of tips for improving accessibility in virtual meetings

How Customers use Zoom Live Captioning

Our customers use Zoom live captioning every day to stream a variety of events, including:

  • Active Zoom events to Facebook Live or YouTube live with captions
  • Meetings, trainings, and webinars
  • Town hall meetings and workshops
  • Conferences and marketing events
  • Classrooms and workspaces

Using a different Platform?

Not using Zoom and want to captions on another platform? We integrate with:

We also provide second-window solutions for BlueJeans, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others.

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