Live and Offline Captioning Solutions for Government Agencies

VITAC’s first customer was a federal agency (the Department of Education) and, in the more than 30 years since, we’ve offered solutions to meet Section 508 requirements to all federal agencies and institutions receiving federal funding.

Our government customers were the first to caption online video, and we’re proud of our work in the early days with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as we continue to expand into new areas of media with our agency customers.

We also offer services to local governments and municipalities, captioning everything from school board meetings to city councils to state legislatures. Examples of our services include:

  • Live captioning for press briefings, city and county government sessions, emergency updates, and web training
  • Offline captioning and subtitling for prerecorded training and informational videos released to the public, including health libraries, how-to tax guides, and visitor center videos
  • Audio description for prerecorded government videos distributed to employees or the public, including online, broadcast, and in museums all over the country

No matter what your accessibility needs are, when you work with us you’re guaranteed to get the best results and customer service the industry has to offer. We are here to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rules and Regulations

VITAC has worked with caption viewers and advocates for more than 30 years. Though not all video must be captioned by law, we do think everything should be captioned.

Learn more about some of the rules and regulations regarding accessibility, including:

How We Can Help You: Real-Life Solutions & Use Cases

  • Realtime captioning of city council meetings: Our captions can make your council meetings more accessible for all. Working with local municipalities, our captioners create detailed treatment sheets so that they are prepared for any names or terminology that may arise in a city council session. We schedule “overage” time because even the most organized group can’t always predict when a meeting will end
  • Quick turnaround press briefings: In times of recent health crises, VITAC has worked with the CDC to create near-immediate transcripts of press conferences and announcements. Our captioners create the initial transcript, delivered, with some errors, 15 minutes after the end of a meeting. Our offline captioners then clean up the transcript, delivering a final accurate video with quick turnaround
  • Political Advertising: Many political commercials must be captioned. We work with commercial producers to offer 15-minute turnaround of political spots

Keeping Your Information Secure

At VITAC, we take your security and confidentiality needs seriously, and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of client information and data. We design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

We utilize in-house-developed applications following our standardized software development life cycle, secure and purpose-built systems and network environments, and technology practices that strive to meet the high-level standards of our clients and industry.

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