Realtime Right Guarantee™

Realtime Right Guarantee™ – Live Captioning Peace of Mind

Live media productions have a lot of moving parts, and keeping up on all of them is no small task. The last thing you should have to worry about is the quality of your live captions, subtitles, or transcriptions. You need your captions to be correct and error-free in realtime.

Our goal is making your life easier, which is why we are the only closed captioning company in the world with a Realtime Right Guarantee™ focused on giving you peace of mind. This guarantee provides you:

  • Experience and understanding what you need as we are the largest and most trusted provider in the industry
  • Reliability with the longest track record
  • Compliance​ to meet the most stringent accessibility guidelines
  • Responsiveness to be there when needed, with a real person ready to help
  • Uptime at 99.9% with the best infrastructure, technology, and redundancy
  • Expertise from people who set the standards
  • Accuracy on all your captioning needs with our exclusive H Factor
  • Depth of services with live and prerecorded captioning, multi-language solutions, audio description, and more

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Your Peace of Mind

We take pride in “Owning It,” which is the aim of our Realtime Right Guarantee™. You don’t have to worry about your captioning, knowing you have the most accurate provider on your team. Like you, we are all driven to extend accessibility to all. That is why accuracy and going above and beyond to meet your needs is so important to us.

That is also why we have real people working on your captioning, ensuring the best accuracy and quality for those who depend on accessibility. And we have real people available to help you at any time as we strive to create lasting and growing relationships.

When you use our team for any of your accessibility needs, you have peace of mind that it is handled by the best. You have the team that sets the live captioning standards with the highest accuracy possible.