Transcription Services

Like captions, transcripts are a text version of a spoken word. And like captions, they are extremely accurate and include everything from timecode references to speaker identifications to sound effects.

We provide fast, accurate transcripts to make even the tightest of deadlines.

  • Fast Turnaround Times = Greater Productivity: Our global team of transcribers work on your projects while you sleep, providing an overnight turnaround on 99% accurate transcripts.
  • Accuracy: Our skilled, professional transcription team provides unrivalled accuracy to speed up your edits, satisfy your broadcast deliverables, and boost accessibility.
  • Flexibility: We understand that no two projects are the same so we support a range of formats and can deliver your transcript in whatever layout works for you.
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How Our Clients Use Transcripts

Transcripts can be used for a wide range of purposes. For example, a major national daily newspaper publisher uses us to provide transcripts of press conferences and government meetings. The newspaper then leverages those transcripts to support its news coverage, using the text to supplement articles with accurate quotes as well as for its blogs and social media channels.

A major web services provider also relied on our transcripts to share content in real time with its social media followers. A company that organizes an annual conference focusing on the business, entertainment, tech and finance sectors enlisted us for on-site live and online captioning to cover the event. The client’s social media teams, eager to share information from the conference as soon as possible, were happy to learn that written transcripts for the event could be available almost immediately. As a result, the company was able to use the text to share timely, as-it-happens quotes and conference updates with its online followers.

Additionally, a major producer of reality television uses us to create pre-production transcripts of recorded video. This helps editors choose and segment important portions of the video for production.

The Benefits of Transcription

Research has shown that visual memory is stronger than auditory memory, and if employees and students are given transcripts of all audio or video content, they’re likely to retain that information better.

Businesses and institutions also have found that transcripts of meetings and speaker events give attendees a written record of the proceedings. This can be useful in everything from studying for a test to project planning to creating marketing collateral.

Transcripts are also useful as a written resource for individuals who find English easier to read than speak.


Boost Content Value

Captions and transcripts also help make a video’s content searchable, and can go a long way in boosting that video’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio, but if that video is transcribed or captioned, bots can “read” their content and know exactly what is contained within the video. Bots – programs designed to scour the web – index internet pages and collect various bits of online data, including the words and keywords on web pages. This helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Safari know which items are most relevant to show at the top of their search results.

Accessibility Everywhere

It’s no great secret that captions and transcripts do a lot to bolster accessibility, but they also work to increase the viewer’s attention and retention, boost SEO scores, and make sure you reach your entire audience, including those viewing in places where audio isn’t accessible.

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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is a natural part of captioning. Our customers use transcripts to post alongside videos, to create minutes of meetings we’ve captioned, and to distribute to meeting attendees and others who weren’t able to attend as well as in conjunction with translation services.

Audio transcripts are great for:

  • Live events (lectures, presentations, seminars, live webinars)
  • Prerecorded content (training videos, lectures, recorded webinars)
  • Multi-language purposes (we translate more than 50 languages)
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Internet Captioning Services

Are you using our captioning services for a live meeting, virtual lecture, presentation, conference call, or event? If so, you may download a quick transcript during or after the event, directly from our Internet Captioning Service (ICS).

ICS is a web-based captioning delivery platform that allows customers to view captions on their computers, tablet and mobile devices for meetings, phone calls, classroom lectures, video conferences, or conference calls.

An added bonus of the ICS platform is the immediate availability of caption transcripts after an event. Transcripts can be created in real time, cleaned up for reference, and translated into other languages.


Instant Transcripts

VITAC’s ICS Player makes using transcripts extremely easy. Meeting participants can view the session’s transcript at any time during the discussion in a separate window with up-to-the-moment text. This means there are no worries if a junior executive misses something during the call or is late to a presentation – simply go back to the transcript and catch up on what was said while continuing to view the ongoing discussion.

Transcripts allow everyone to view all text from the beginning of a call, meeting, or discussion on demand. If requested in advance, an “instant transcript” can be saved in either .html or .txt formats by meeting participants directly to their computers at the conclusion of the event. The transcript could then be shared and emailed to those who couldn’t attend.

Transcripts can be accessed during or after any ICS event, webinar, lecture or meeting by choosing the “transcript” button at the top of the screen, and then navigating to “save transcript” at the bottom.

Choosing the disk icon presents the user with the available format options:

  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Rich text (.rtf)
  • Word 97-2004 (.doc)
  • Word document (.docx)
  • PDF

Conversely, transcripts also can be deleted immediately after a meeting, and clients do have the option of removing the download button from the player so users can’t download a transcript.

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