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Making all media accessible is our specialty. VITAC is the largest provider of closed captioning in the media and entertainment industry, with over 85 exclusive contracts covering more than 100 networks. Program providers come to us for our ability to create high-quality, accurate, reliable:


Our clients rely on our professional captioners, coordinators, and schedulers, dedicated technical and development teams, and around-the-clock client support to keep them on the air with captions that make their content more accessible to their audiences. We work with:

  • Broadcast networks
  • Station groups
  • Online video providers
  • Cable stations
  • Television producers

Whether you need live captioning for news and sports, offline captions for daytime soaps, reformatting libraries for online video distribution, or captioning late-edited, prime-time programming, our size and experience provide you with the best solution.

Trust the Experts

We’ve been a leader in the closed captioning industry since 1986, and have helped numerous clients meet their accessibility goals. We’ll work with you to understand your captioning requirements, and come up with a solution that best fits your needs.

Our Captioning Solutions

We Work For You

Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to creating accessible content for your audience. No matter your need, you can rely on us and our extensive service offerings:

  • Our live captioning solutions include uptime and accuracy assurances as well as our Realtime Right Guarantee™
  • We promise quick turnarounds and verbatim captioning of prerecorded programming. We are a preferred provider for many networks and platforms, and offer custom file format creation and file conversions for program delivery on multiple platforms
  • Working with our partners, we provide top-notch audio description for live and prerecorded television shows and events. We are proud to be the exclusive audio description provider for a number of networks
  • We’ve developed a number of custom client solutions, many exclusive to your industry, including stand-by services for breaking news, simultaneous caption distribution to multiple encoders, and seamless captioner switching to ensure captions aren’t lost when a new captioner joins a program

Audio Description

If you’re going to caption it, you should describe it, too. Audio description, also called video description or described video service, is a narrative description of a video’s visual elements, such as: Onscreen actions, Characters, Costumes, Text appearing in graphics in the video


Stay Compliant

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates 85 hours per quarter of audio described content on:

  • Primetime or children’s programming on the major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox)
  • The top five cable networks that include significant prerecorded content (currently USA, HGTV, TBS, Discovery, and History)

As the nation’s largest provider of accessible media solutions, we are uniquely positioned to provide audio description services. We provide the same high-quality product as with our captioning, and have the capacity to handle all of your description needs.

Setting the Gold (Medal) Standard

Setting the Gold (Medal) Standard


VITAC has captioned 14 summer and winter Olympic games. Though captioning one of the biggest sporting events in the world can be a daunting task, it’s an assignment we all relish. Nearly every one of our departments pitches in during the Olympics to ensure that captions are accurate, synchronous, complete, and properly placed.

Because events happen throughout the day (and night), captioners need to be prepared for everything. Our skilled professionals spend weeks prepping for the games, researching spellings and pronunciations of athletes’ names, families, and hometowns as well as previous medal winners.

Since different events can be broadcast on different channels, captions often are distributed to multiple networks and streaming platforms at once, while our realtime technical services coordinators monitor connections and have the ability to make changes while the captions are being produced.

Custom-Integrations Custom Integrations
We-Speak-Your-Language We Speak Your Language
say-what Say What?

We work with our network clients to develop specialized, streamlined workflows that work with their systems. One global media provider uses a combination of custom spreadsheets and hot folder-based delivery to send media files to us. Upon arrival, the videos automatically are analyzed and delivered into our offline captioning workflow system.

We Wrote the Book

Who better to handle your captioning quality needs than the company who helped write the book on it? We helped draft the FCC’s captioning vendor best practices!

TV Regulations

As Broadcast Scripts

As Broadcast Scripts (ABS) are the most popular and simplest post-production transcript. The ABS file is delivered as a Word doc or PDF, usually in table form. Depending on the format, it includes:

  • Timecode references
  • Scene headings
  • Descriptions of on-screen actions and sounds
  • Basic camera shots
  • The verbatim spoken dialogue

Producers are also often responsible for delivery of a specially formatted post-production transcript along with the video.

At VITAC, we use our already-created caption files and customer-provided video to create accurate post-production transcripts, with quick turnarounds, at reasonable prices. In addition to our video, audio, and podcast transcription, we offer these specialty transcripts for post-production delivery.

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