Localization Services

Media and entertainment companies around the world trust VITAC to provide high-quality translations, subtitles, and dubbing services to support their productions and help them reach international audiences.

Our media localization services meet the same creative standards as your original production, so your content can be understood and enjoyed anywhere in the world.

With more than 35 years of industry experience, our data-driven approach to creating efficiencies across the value chain, technology-enabled workflows, and highvolume capabilities make VITAC an M&E-leading broadcast localization company.

We combine the best international talent with the right technology to consistently deliver top-quality work at any volume.

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We Know Media & Entertainment

We understand the workflows and unique pressures and demands of the industry. We appreciate how much creative effort goes into producing video content and treat every production as though it was our own.

We cover the full content value chain

From transcribing and translating your rushes for edits to localizing and delivering your final program, VITAC supports your entire production and delivery workflow.

The benefits of working with a single provider for all your localization needs include:

  • Maintaining your production’s creative integrity throughout the process
  • Reducing management overhead and production headaches
  • Saving time and money
  • More easily satisfying network and streaming platform deliverables

Bringing ‘Pip and Posy’ to New Audiences

VITAC dubbed 10 episodes of the popular children’s series “Pip and Posy” into Ukrainian for Sunflower TV, a YouTube channel that offers more than 200 hours of programming for children who have been displaced due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Read more here.

Localizing a Korean Series for Sky Sci-Fi

VITAC produced English dubbing and subtitles for all six episodes of the Korean hit show ‘Monstrous’ for Sky TV’s ‘Sky Sci-Fi’ channel. Learn more.

Dubbing “Hell’s Kitchen USA” for ITV Studios

ITV Studios partnered with VITAC to provide German dubbing for “Hells Kitchen USA” for ITV’s German FAST channel launch. Read how our team worked collaboratively with ITV to deliver high-quality dubbing at a competitive price using innovative and flexible workflows.

Ringing in the New Year with TikTok Content Localization

VITAC helped TikTok ring in the New Year with the platform’s first longform original program, localizing 25 different versions of the show into 14 languages. Read more.


YouTube Dubbing for Hyper Studios

Hyper Studios, a popular entertainment media company that operates five YouTube channels, chose VITAC as its preferred YouTube translator and worked with us to dub their high-energy, dynamic videos into Spanish and expand the channel’s international following. Click for more details.

Hyper Studios logo, 4 cartoon drawings of bears making various faces against a yellow background with the word "Hyper" in pink text.