ASR Live Media Captioning

Adapted, Hybrid ASR solution Designed with Customers in Mind

Combining VITAC’s more than 35 years of TV captioning experience with the technical expertise of Verbit, the world’s largest AI-powered transcription platform, we’re proud to announce a new, robust, accurate live television captioning ASR solution specifically developed for the local news market.

Developed in-house with media and entertainment clients in mind, our proprietary ASR solution is built on a custom, adaptable, and always-trained engine developed by captioning, speech, and machine-learning experts. It is designed to meet the unique and specific needs and expectations of broadcasters, networks, and content creators across the globe.


The solution includes a variety of media-focused features that exceed industry standard ASR and meets or exceeds caption quality regulations. These are, among other things:

  • Custom caption formatting and on-screen placement options
  • Little or no delay in caption appearance
  • Correct punctuation
  • Speaker changes
  • Profanity filtering

VITAC’s ASR product also features professional data prep by specialists who research and review the content and add specific and unique names and terms to the ASR engine before each session starts as well as an option for live human support a “human co-pilot” to control the live ASR session in real time, which provides intelligent support in corrections, custom caption placement, domain changes.

Provided via a highly secure platform, the solution also comes with the high level of customer support that is synonymous with VITAC.

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