Live Media Captioning with Verbit Captivate™

Adapted, Hybrid ASR solution Designed with Customers in Mind

We know that caption accuracy is important to our customers, and we understand the challenges in providing top-quality accessibility services while keeping an eye on budgets.

VITAC’s proprietary AI captioning solution, Captivate, combines industry leading technology with our decades of captioning experience to provide the high accuracy captions you’ve come to expect from us at a fraction of the price of traditional human-generated captions.

Developed in-house with media and entertainment clients in mind, our AI solution is built on a custom, adaptable, secure, and always-trained engine designed by captioning, speech, and machine-learning experts. It’s trained using diverse language models, enabling it to understand accents, languages, and speech patterns better than generic ASR engines.

Our advanced AI technology and professional human transcribers (and a combination of both) provide the highest levels of caption accuracy, fast turnaround times, flexible, customizable solutions, and support and integrations for multiple file types and platforms.​

A Cost-Effective, Customizable Solution Built for M&E

Other AI captioning providers either provide an engine or a service. VITAC is unique in that we own both. And because we own the technology and the engine, we can change, update, upgrade, and customize customer offerings based on post-session reviews and customer feedback. We can tune our offerings to individual customer needs, creating an offering that achieves accuracy and results on a personal level.

Our engine is paired with specialists that boost captioning performance with preparation materials and live-session monitoring. It continuously adapts to accents, languages, and speech patterns to provide superior accuracy and performance and seamlessly transforms spoken language into written text.

Our live AI-captioning solution features, among other things:

  • Customizable, adaptable models per customer
  • Term boosting
  • Multilanguage support
  • Live- and post-session monitoring
  • Global prep support
  • Human backup
  • Multiple formatting and integration options
  • A quick and easy onboarding process
  • Compliance with FCC caption quality rules

Dedicated Customer Support

At VITAC, we put our customers first, and provide dedicated support from our team of media experts every step of the way.

  • Expert customer support staff
    A dedicated team of media experts that understand your dynamic needs and are focused on your success.
  • 98% satisfaction rating on technical support
    VITAC’s support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Extensive resources created by our teams
    Hundreds of tutorials and articles developed by our experts to ease the process and inspire you.

From tailored solutions to helping customers achieve accessibility goals, VITAC is your trusted partner, committed to enhancing the impact and inclusivity of your media.

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