Video Transcription

All captioning starts with a solid transcript, and our captioners are experts at creating them. VITAC offers a variety of video transcription services in conjunction with captions or as a stand-alone service. Transcripts provide immediate benefits and are used in many ways, including:

  • As a written record of meetings or important calls
  • As a valuable SEO tool to help people find your online video content
  • To help students improve their learning (they’re a great study tool and visual aid)

Captioning-Related Transcripts

Our captioners specialize in creating verbatim transcripts for any video. Verbatim to us means not just words, but also sound effects (gunshots, dogs barking, music swelling), proper punctuation, and speaker identification so that the reader knows who is talking. All transcripts are created and checked by captioning experts in any language:

  • With or without timecode
  • As-written or edited
  • Delivered in multiple formats

It’s simple to get started:

  • Upload your video
  • Order your captions
  • Receive your video transcript with your caption file

Transcripts may be delivered in multiple formats, including:

  • With and without timecode
  • In the customer’s preferred case (“ALL CAPS” or “Mixed case”)
  • With shot and scene change identifiers
reading a printed video transcript

Interested in broadcast-delivery transcripts?

We provide As-Broadcast Scripts to networks and producers.

As Broadcast Scripts

How Customers Use Our Video Transcription Service

Like captions, video transcripts have many benefits.

  • Video Editing – Producers record hours of video to create short content. Scrolling through that video to find the perfect clip or quote can be cumbersome. A timecoded video transcript from VITAC allows the content creator easy access to searchable data
  • Search Engine Optimization – Web video is a wonderful thing, and people are watching more and more (some estimates cite nearly an hour a day). However, search engines cannot crawl video content. Instead, they search metadata and text. Creating video transcripts means your keywords will be found and presented to your audience
  • Video Clips – We offer video transcription for live and prerecorded videos. Both can be used to create captioned clips, as mandated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Our live video transcripts are often delivered shortly after air with timecodes so that programmers can post their clips online with corresponding captions
  • Accessibility – Let’s not forget the most important use for video transcripts − they are a valuable tool for people who cannot hear or choose not to play the audio with a video. Nearly 50 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing, and even more play video without sound. Not only is this a benefit, it’s a requirement to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508, and FCC rules

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We offer a broad range of captioning and accessibility services and solutions for becoming more inclusive.

Our Services

Language Options for Video Transcription

As with audio transcripts, our video transcripts can be presented in more than 50 languages, as the same language, or in multiple languages. Content creators choose us to translate hours of interviews in another language so that they can identify the highlights in an interview to showcase in their video.

See our most popular language options here. Don’t see your language on the list? Just ask. We likely have an expert among our trusted partners.