Multi-Language Captioning

VITAC is a long-time industry leader in providing multi-language captioning for a wide variety of clients, including those in the TV/broadcasting, corporate, and education sectors, among others. We offer same-language captions through our dedicated and experienced bilingual captioning team and in partnership with leading industry providers.


VITAC produces hundreds of hours of live and prerecorded multi-language captions each year. We create captions for:

  • Media and Entertainment companies
  • Broadcast programs
  • Large-scale webinars for corporate customers, including a Fortune 50 technology company

Our multi-language services (MLS) team works with you to ensure that no one is excluded from the conversation. Whether it’s “hablando español” or “parler français,” we’ve got you covered.

Rely on Us

We provide live and post-production multi-language captions for some of the largest television networks in the world, educational institutions, and international companies.

Our professional captioners are supported by a skilled team of engineers, schedulers, and coordinators. This ensures that you’ll not only receive the highest quality captions, but also unmatched customer and technical support.

live-multi-lang-icon Live Multi-Language Captioning
prerecorded-multi-lang-icon Post-Production Multi-Language Captioning

Live Multi-Language Captioning

In addition to English captions, we offer human-generated live captions in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Our in-territory captioners listen live to program audio and deliver captions via IP to networks and institutions around the world. Our services include same-language captions (Spanish to Spanish, French to French, and Portuguese to Portuguese) or translated captions from English to these languages.


Automatic Live Translations

Through our partners at Syncwords and their “LanguageSync” product, VITAC offers live automatic translation in more than 100 languages. A key to decent automatic translation (auto-captions will never be as good as human translation) is to start with the most accurate English captions. Therefore, this service always begins with our own human captioners. Our captioners connect to the engine, which outputs translated text to:

  • A caption encoder for live broadcast TV delivery or URL
  • Directly to a live streaming platform

This technology allows us to add translations to any existing live caption workflow. Glossaries can be added to specify translations for particular words and phrases to improve accuracy.

We recently provided these services to a worldwide virtual convention. Captions were delivered by caption encoders updated to transmit non-Roman character sets, including Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic.

Captions Without Borders

Today’s business and education worlds no longer are defined by brick and mortar walls. Companies are expanding their global footprint in countries far and wide, and students on one side of the globe can attend virtual classes on the other. As this global work and education community grows, it creates an increasing need for businesses, organizations, and schools to communicate with all of their employees, customers, and students around the world. Whether you have company-wide memos, classroom lectures, or online training materials, adding captions to your content helps you get your message out to your audience no matter where they are located.


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