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Accessibility Solutions for Multiple Industries

When you work with VITAC, you benefit from the expertise of a full-service captioning company, complete with skilled engineering, technology, and production departments supported by a robust, technologically sophisticated infrastructure.

We offer the best available and proven technology to solve a wide variety of captioning and accessibility challenges. Our network, operating platforms and facilities are robust, scalable, fully mature and thoroughly tested. We continually take steps to improve our already top-notch captioning and accessibility services, providing greater reliability for caption clients and viewers.

It’s the reason we’ve handled some of the most significant events in the media, entertainment and corporate worlds, including:

  • The Olympics
  • The Super Bowl
  • Large-scale mega-conferences and business gatherings
  • Emergency − at times life-threatening − breaking news reports
  • Captions for students in classrooms all over the continent
  • Government press conferences or important legislative meetings
  • Captions at the stadium as your favorite team takes the field

We helped to develop the standards for captioning and subtitling, as well as many of the systems used today to create, encode, and decode captions. This deep experience ensures that you receive the highest levels of technical assistance along with the best, most efficiently produced, and stylistically consistent captions. As a captioning industry pioneer, we know how to answer all of your questions and respond to each of your accessibility needs.

Nothing is more important than our clients and customers. Our captioning professionals, schedulers, coordinators, engineers, technical support, and administrative staff are committed to providing the highest-quality captions and the best 24/7/365 customer service.

The Art of Captioning

VITAC’s skilled captioning professionals understand the complexities and nuance of human language.

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VITAC Can Help

We are the largest and most-trusted provider of captions and accessible communication services in the North America for a reason. We go the extra mile to make sure that you’re covered, whether you’re a:

  • Top-rated television show
  • Fortune 500 company
  • Prestigious university
  • Independent film producer
  • Local business
  • Local high school

Read below to learn more about some of the industries that we work with, and how we might be able to help you.

Media and Entertainment

VITAC is the nation’s largest captioning provider in the media and entertainment industry, with exclusive contracts covering more than 100 networks. Our clients include all broadcast networks, most cable stations, program producers and online video providers.

Media and Entertainment Solutions

Our live and pre-recorded (offline) captions are created by skilled, professional captioners who are supported by in-house coordinators, schedulers, and dedicated technical and development teams.

We provide live captioning via IP or modem to IP platforms or broadcast media (or both simultaneously), and promise quick project turnarounds and verbatim captions for our offline captions. All captions meet the Federal Communications Commission’s Caption Quality requirements for television regarding accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.


Adding captions to your educational videos and classroom lectures allows equal access to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It’s also the law.

Education Solutions

We work with a number of schools, colleges, universities, online lecture providers, and informational program producers to provide live and offline captioning, subtitling, audio description, and accessibility services for their classrooms, online learning portals, and archived materials.

As many schools and educators have found, everyone benefits when classrooms and educational materials are accessible to all.

When you work with VITAC, you also have access to our exclusive Reach Further Program™. This service is dedicated to helping you connect with all students and create new learning opportunities while satisfying federal rules and requirements.


Communication is critical in any business, and we know that it’s important to get your message out to your entire audience. Our accessibility services enable you to do just that.

Accessible Business Solutions

We provide the following services to corporations:

  • Live and prerecorded captioning and transcription
  • Live and prerecorded Spanish captioning
  • Multi-language captioning and subtitling
  • Audio description
  • Encoding

We offer captioning and communication accessibility services for a wide range of national and international companies, including:

  • Software manufacturers
  • Big box retailers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Telecom and web providers

You can rest easy knowing that our exclusive Corporate Accessibility Impact Program™ will help you create an accessibility plan, reach your goals, and provide insights on what other companies like yours are doing to create inclusion.


VITAC has a long, successful history working with state and local governments and federal agencies. We offer a variety of solutions to meet requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508.

Government Solutions
close up of the US Capitol building

We provide live and offline captioning and subtitling services for:

  • City council and school board meetings
  • State legislatures
  • Federal agencies
  • Archived videos
  • Prerecorded informational materials

Additionally, many of our government clients use our audio description solutions to provide accessibility for individuals who are blind or have low-vision.

Event Centers

Our event center and stadium captioning solutions make live, in-person sports, events, and concerts inclusive to everyone in attendance.

Event Center Solutions

We provide captions for all announcements over the stadium or arena’s public address system, including:

  • Scoring information
  • Player information
  • In-venue promotions
  • Commercials
  • Emergency messaging

Captions can be displayed on the venue’s scoreboards, ribbon boards, or closed-circuit televisions. They can also be delivered to a dedicated URL that you can access right from your mobile device.

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