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We Are the Largest, Most-Trusted Captioning Provider in North America

There often is a lot of responsibility and stress that comes with planning broadcasts, events, productions, corporate conferences, government meetings, or educational programs, and we know a great deal of that falls on you to manage all the moving parts so that they come together exactly right. The last thing you need are issues getting your captioning, subtitles, or audio description done.

Here at VITAC, we are about providing you with peace of mind. No more feeling anxious about captioning hassles, regulatory problems, scheduling issues, or engineering hang-ups. As the largest and most-trusted captioning provider in the industry, we are relied upon daily by many of the most recognized companies. From entertainment and media companies to Fortune 100 corporations to world-class educational institutions, our clients trust us to get the job done. We pride ourselves on “owning it,” and have developed systems and processes to deliver exactly what you want from your go-to captioning partner while aiming, above all, to make your life easier.

The H Factor

There is nothing that can replace real humans when it comes to building relationships, and no automated system can replace real humans when it comes to providing accessibility to other people. Our H Factor, or Human Factor, means that we have real people here to help you day and night with your captioning, subtitling, and audio description needs. And yes, while automation, in some cases, is efficient, we have real people ensuring the best accuracy. After all, human to human connection is what it is all about.

Purpose and Values

We are a company built on purpose and values that seeks to improve lives and expand the reach of communications. We care about people and about providing you with the best accessibility solutions. At the end of the day, it is about building a rewarding relationship with you. We do not take for granted the trust we earn and strive, each day, to keep it by continually going above and beyond and delivering with your best interest in mind.

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Industry Leadership

Established in 1986, we are the largest and most trusted captioning company in North America. We’re an industry leader. And while our size is notable, it is our people, capacity, technical expertise, and dedication to accessibility that are our true differentiators.

Our Team

With more than 700 professionals, our team shares in the purpose of improving lives by expanding the reach of communications. With a passion for delivering accessibility for life, each team member prides themselves on building lasting relationships, exceeding expectations, and finding new ways to delight and make you happy.

Giving Back

We strongly believe in “Accessibility for Life” and making accessible content the standard. That is why, for more than three decades, we have worked with advocacy groups and caption viewers throughout the country to help give back, promote the need for accessibility, and help represent consumers with hearing loss.