Purpose and Values

Accessibility for life.

Here at VITAC, our team lives our purpose every day. It is a purpose that, at its core, is about accessibility for everyone, improving lives, and expanding the reach of communications.

After all, each person should be able to access content equally, whether it be video or audio. Everyone should be able to enjoy movies, TV shows, or sports. Everyone should be able to understand messages and be able to communicate with peers, colleagues, and friends. Everyone should be able to have the same access to educational programming and be able to participate and engage like everyone else.

Employees of VITAC and  Verbit embrace this purpose, summarized in the companies’ core values to Do Good in the world and make it an accessible and inclusive place for all, Win Together and empower each other in our journey toward success, and harness the power of humans and technology together with Collaborative Intelligence.

We Go the Extra Mile

Our purpose to improve lives and expand the reach of communications is fulfilled by the values our team lives out:

  • We Care About People – we are personable, we build rewarding relationships, we always respect others, and we value the benefits of diversity
  • We Lead​ – we embrace constant change, we continuously improve, we make proactive recommendations, we dream big, we measure by our own high standards, and we go the extra mile in all we do
  • We Own It​ – we deliver with excellence and integrity, we take the extra steps to excel, we always deliver with our client’s best interest in mind, and we strive to exceed expectations
  • We Connect – we listen, we understand individual needs, we are flexible, and we look for ways to delight and make people happy

We strive to go above and beyond for each client and exceed their expectations. We want to build rewarding relationships with you and help make your life easier. That is why we are here 24/7 to help with your project and get it done right. That is why we have real people, our H Factor, ensuring the best accuracy for your captioning, transcriptions, subtitles, and translations.


Why all this extra effort?

Trust. We want to earn and keep your trust, and bring peace of mind to all your projects. This trust is something we take very seriously in providing top-quality captioning, audio description, and transcription solutions not only for you but also for those who rely on accessible communications and programming.

Interested in learning more?

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