French Captions

VITAC is proud to offer high-quality French captions and expanded accessibility services to clients in Canada and broadcasters and programs around the world.

Like our English-language captioners, our French-language team is highly skilled and trained, with many years in the industry. Our services include live and post-production French captions as well as French to English and English to French subtitles.

We’re here to help you become compliant (and maintain compliance) with federal regulations. Our captions adhere to captioning laws and requirements set forth by both the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for caption accuracy, quality, and quantity.

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Captions for Live French Programming

VITAC’s live captioning professionals deliver high quality, realtime captions for live TV and internet-based content, including news, weather reports, live sports, political or cultural events, or breaking news or emergency broadcasts as well as corporate webinars and remote meeting platforms. We caption multiple French-language networks and programs of all types, and our captions exceed all federally mandated caption quality standards.

Captions for Prerecorded French Programming

VITAC provides post-production French captions for a variety of prerecorded television shows and web content. Our offline captioners are experts when it comes to line breaks, caption timing and readability, sound effects, descriptions, and caption style and grammar rules.

French Captions for English Programming (and Vice Versa)

Our team can translate and caption content from English to French and vice versa. Our experienced professionals take English audio and translate it into French for our captioners. We offer this same service with French program audio that is translated into English captions.

Live Multi-Language Captioning

In addition to live English and French captions, VITAC offers live captions in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Our captioners listen live to program audio and deliver captions via IP to networks and institutions around the world. As with French, our services include same-language captions (Spanish to Spanish, Portuguese to Portuguese) or translated captions from English to these languages.

CRTC Caption Regulations

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has policies that outline quality and quantity standards for closed captions, monitor and report on captioning accuracy, and provide an avenue for consumer complaints and concerns.

When it comes to closed captioning quantity, the CRTC requires most broadcasters to:

  • Caption 100% of their programs broadcast from 6 AM to midnight
  • Ensure that 100% of advertising, sponsorship messages, and promotional content is captioned
  • Provide viewers with closed captioning for all programming aired overnight (from midnight to 6 AM) if captions are available

The CRTC also has standards for closed captioning accuracy. For prerecorded programs, broadcasters must target a captioning accuracy rate of 100%. For live programming, French captions must target an accuracy rate of 85% compared to a verbatim transcript. For English-language live captioning, broadcasters must reach an accuracy rate of at least 98, as measured by the method described in the Canadian NER Evaluation Guidelines.

CRTC policies also address:

  • Minimizing caption lag time for prerecorded and live programming
  • Correcting errors before re-broadcasting a program
  • Providing proper placement of captions to avoid blocking on-screen information
  • Controlling various aspects of formatting, including the use of chevrons and, for French-language programming, hyphens
  • Ensuring the captioning of emergency alerts
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We’re Here for You

As the largest provider of captioning services in North America, VITAC offers both live and post-production French captions. Our clients include a wide variety of parliamentary and government agencies, municipal councils, television shows, news and weather programs, corporate meetings, and sporting events, among others.

Our captioning solutions feature the largest and most talented workforce of captioners in the business, always supported by a team of engineers, schedulers, and coordinators all available to help you 24/7.

No matter the type or scale of your project, we’ll help you become more inclusive and enable your content to reach a greater audience. No matter your needs, we have you covered.


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