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Spanish Captioning

There are more than 580 million people in the world (approximately 7.5% of the global population) who speak Spanish. It is the second-most spoken language around the globe, and the second-most spoken language in the United States, with more than 43 million people speaking Spanish either as their first or second language.

No doubt, those are numbers that any business, organization, or content producer would love the opportunity to connect with, and ignoring that audience is a mistake that none want (or can afford) to make. Adding Spanish captioning to your videos helps ensure that you make a connection and reach a key audience not only domestically but across borders as well.

And it’s also the law.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that all Spanish-language and bilingual English/Spanish-language programs on television must be captioned, while the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) mandates that Spanish language and bilingual video that previously appeared on television with captions (full episodes, short clips, edited montages, etc.) must be captioned if it also appears online.

VITAC has a wide variety of Spanish-language services, including:

Like our English-language captioners, our Spanish-language team is highly skilled and trained, with many years in the industry.

Our more than 30 years of experience in the captioning industry means that no matter your needs, we have you covered. We’re here to help you become compliant (and maintain compliance) with federal regulations. In the process, we’ll help you become more inclusive while sharing your message with a greater audience.

Live Spanish Captioning

Live or realtime captions are those created as the program is being broadcast or the event is being held. Examples of live captioning can be found on news programs, sporting events, weather bulletins, award shows, and government meetings.

We caption multiple Spanish-language networks and local news stations. Our Spanish captions meet or exceed the FCC’s Caption Quality Best Practices for accuracy, caption placement, synchronicity, and program completeness. They also satisfy FCC requirements that Spanish language programming broadcast in the US must be captioned.

Spanish Captions for Live Spanish Programming

Like our English realtime captions, our Spanish captions are accurate and fully supported by our robust technology, infrastructure, and support staff. We caption more than 25,000 hours of live Spanish news and sporting events every year.

Spanish Captions for Live English Programming (and Vice Versa)

We employ highly experienced translators who listen to English audio and translate live in Spanish for our captioners, who then write what they hear. We offer this same service with Spanish program audio that is translated into English captions, and we work with a number of news networks in this fashion. It’s a unique service that we offer to make your life simpler, and to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible captions.

Simultaneous English and Spanish Captions

Via the CC1 and CC3 caption fields, we route English and Spanish captions in a single stream to one encoder − also known as “muxing” − or we can route to multiple encoders.

Live Multi-Language Captioning

In addition to English and Spanish live captioning, VITAC offers human-generated realtime captions in French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese. Our in-territory captioners listen live to program audio and deliver captions via IP to networks and institutions around the world. As with Spanish, our services include same-language captions (French to French, Portuguese to Portuguese) or translated captions from English to these languages.

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The Look of Live Spanish Captioning

Check out an example of how our live captions help Telemundo make sure everyone keeps up with the latest news.

Prerecorded Spanish Solutions

Prerecorded or offline captioning is the post-production process of adding captions to a program after it has been recorded. Examples of prerecorded captions can be seen on scripted television shows (sitcoms, dramas, cartoons), movies, and commercials.

Our prerecorded Spanish captioning team is made up of US-based employees who are skilled in both captioning and translation.

Spanish captions for Spanish networks

Our offline Spanish captioners use the same workflow as our English-language offline captioners to create flawlessly timed and verbatim captions or subtitles.

Other Language Audio to Spanish Captions/Subtitles

We can translate just about any language into Spanish captioning or subtitles, utilizing our many multi-language experts.

Spanish Audio Dubbing

Often referred to as Secondary Audio Programming (or SAP), Spanish Audio Dubbing is the process of creating a Spanish audio track for English audio programming, usually in conjunction with captions. Our Spanish-language experts translate the video’s master audio and record Spanish voiceover using professional narrators.

Spanish translation

Our translated document exports can be shared via Word (DOC, RTF, TXT) or Excel (XLS).

Spanish Captioning Customers

We work closely with clients from all geographies and industries to produce the highest quality Spanish language captions. We put client service first, and pride ourselves on making the captioning process as simple for you as possible.

Below are a few examples of industry-specific services we provide:

• Media & Entertainment – We provide hundreds of hours of prerecorded Spanish captioning and subtitling each year for a variety of media and entertainment customers, including international news channels and broadcast networks, film producers, and content studios.

• Corporate – We produce captions and subtitles for domestic and international corporations (including a global Fortune 50 technology company), bridging language barriers and bringing accessible communications to large-scale webinars, company-wide training videos, and inter-office communications.

• Education – We translate educational videos, online think pieces, and external marketing materials for an international network of educational institutions.

• Government – We partner with federal and local agencies to bring Spanish captions to public, prerecorded training and informational videos, including government how-to guides and visitor center videos.

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