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For more than 35 years, media and entertainment industry professionals have relied on VITAC for their captioning and accessibility needs.

Our captioning, transcription, subtitling, dubbing, and audio description solutions help broadcasters, streaming platforms, producers, and production companies reach more people by making their content accessible.

As the largest and most-trusted captioning company in North America, our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their projects will meet strict quality standards.

Read about some of our service offerings below and learn how we work for you!


Live Captions

Accurate, reliable, captions for live news, sports, weather, and other programming. Our live captioning solutions feature the largest and most experienced workforce of captioners and the latest speech recognition technology in the business.

Live Captions for Media

Live Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Captions

Live Captions for Zoom

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Post-Production Captions and Transcripts

As the exclusive provider of post-production captions for more than two dozen networks, you’ve seen our work on everything from primetime dramas to Sunday morning cartoons.

VITAC Post-Production Captions and Transcripts

Post-Production Caption File Formats

Post-Production Transcript File Formats

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Dubbing and Localization

Reach an international audience with our dubbing services. We use cutting-edge audio equipment to maintain the standards of the original production and match the tone, style, and genre of your video.

VITAC Dubbing

Dubbing for Media

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Audio Description

Professional live, post-production, and extended audio description. Our descriptive services meet standards set by the Audio Description Coalition and the Described and Captioned Media Program.

Standard Audio Description

Extended Audio Description

VITAC Audio Description Scriptwriters

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Podcast Transcription

Fast, accurate, affordable transcripts for live and recorded podcasts, delivered in a variety of formats and languages.

VITAC Podcast Transcription

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