Corporate Accessibility Impact Program™

As a business, we know that inclusion is of utmost importance to you. In fact, in today’s workplace, compliance in providing accessibility to employees, clients, and more is required. This type of accessibility includes everything from webinars, meetings and group calls to live events and conferences, among others.

We are the only captioning company in the world with a Corporate Accessibility Impact Program™ focused on giving you peace of mind and helping you create a stronger company through inclusion. This program includes:

  • Experience and understanding what you need as we are the largest and most trusted captioning provider in the industry
  • Proactive education to create more inclusive events, meetings, and more.
  • Reliability with the longest track record
  • Compliance​ to meet the most stringent accessibility guidelines
  • Responsiveness to be there when needed, with a real person ready to help
  • Uptime at 99.9% with the best infrastructure, technology, and redundancy
  • Expertise from people who set the standards
  • Accuracy on all your captioning needs with our exclusive H Factor
  • Depth of services with live and prerecorded captioning, multi-language solutions, audio description, transcription, and more

Stronger Company Through Inclusion

Accessibility is at the heart of all we do. We believe in accessibility for everyone, and we also realize that can be daunting in a corporate environment. Our goal, however, is to bring you peace of mind and make your life easier.

We can help make all your corporate accessibility needs a reality, making your company stronger and more inclusive. Together, we will create a plan based on your goals, help you understand what is possible, and provide insights on what other companies like yours are doing to create inclusion.

We will have you covered and will be with you every step of the way. Our team values going above and beyond for our clients. We will be proactive in helping you, and providing the most reliable and accurate accessibility solutions, creating a stronger, more inclusive company.


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