Reach Further Program™

Delivering educational programs and classroom experiences to those who have accessibility needs requires a lot of responsibility. Not to mention handling regulatory compliance such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and Section 504 Department of Education requirements. Creating inclusive education can be complicated, but we can help.

VITAC is the only closed captioning company in the world with a Reach Further Program™ dedicated to helping you connect with a larger learner base. This program includes:

  • Experience and understanding what you need as we are the largest and most trusted captioning provider in the industry
  • Proactive Education to create more inclusive opportunities for learners
  • Reliability with the longest track record
  • Compliance​ with ADA, Section 508, and Section 504 regulations
  • Responsiveness to be there when needed, with a real person ready to help
  • Uptime at 99.9% with the best infrastructure, technology, and redundancy
  • Expertise from people who set the standards
  • Accuracy on all your captioning needs with our exclusive H Factor
  • Depth of Services with live, prerecorded, multi-language, audio description, transcription, and more

With You, Every Step

When education and classroom content is accessible to all, you can connect with a more extensive learner base and grow. That is why we pride ourselves on understanding your goals and then “owning it” to go above and beyond to help you succeed. After all, we share in your vision of accessibility for everyone, both inside and outside the classroom or lecture hall.

That is where our H Factor comes into play. All programing is made for humans with an understanding that at the heart of inclusion is human accessibility. We don’t take that responsibility lightly, which is why we have real people handling and overseeing your captioning to ensure the best accuracy. We have real people who will work with you and respond to your needs at any time.

As the most trusted source for captioning, we understand your world, what you are faced with, and what you need to create inclusion. You can count on us to take a hands-on approach to help you Reach Further, enabling you to connect with more learners.

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