Captions generally refer to a textual representation of all on-screen audio, including sound effects, music, song lyrics, angry dogs barking, spooky doors creaking, or any other sound heard on the audio track.

In contrast, subtitles are a translation of a video’s audio for viewers who might not understand the language, such as in a film from another country or dialogue from a Klingon in an episode of “Star Trek.”

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Subtitles are a great addition to your video content. They can be used in motion pictures, television shows, corporate presentations, educational materials, or your own YouTube clips.

As with captions, subtitles allow you to reach a larger, global, cross-cultural audience. Ultimately, including subtitles will help make your content accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Human Hands (and Ears)

Our subtitles are created by human hands and ears. We rely on human translators to understand and translate the essence of human ideas. We don’t rely on literal machine translation, and neither should you. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated speech recognition (ASR) systems are tools to help people work faster, but they are no replacement for human subtitling experts and translators.

The “H Factor”

Why Should I Add Subtitles?

There are many reasons to subtitle your content:

  • Subtitles create a better experience for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as those with learning disabilities or attention deficits
  • Subtitles help satisfy accessibility laws
  • Subtitles have been shown to boost viewer engagement and comprehension (a real perk for classroom and training videos)
  • Adding subtitles to your content increases your search engine optimization (SEO) score and makes it easier for search engines to rank your video
  • Subtitles enable viewers to more easily follow along with the dialogue, especially if it contains accented speech, jargon, technical terms, or fast-talking
  • Subtitles enable you to share your video across continents and foreign cultures, and help make it accessible to all
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Multi-Language Subtitles

Adding multi-language subtitles to your videos helps your message and content reach a larger audience. We create subtitles in more than 50 languages and provide accurate translation, flawless timing, and quick turnarounds on a broad range of requests and projects.

We handle just about any video content you may have, including online training videos, the latest movie releases, programs on internationally distributed TV networks, and educational content. We also offer English subtitles, which can be formatted without speaker identifications and sound effects as well as with all of the audio’s sound effects and speaker IDs included.

Multi-Language Subtitles
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