Voice Dubbing Solutions

Dubbing – a term used to describe the act of creating a new “dubbed” audio track – is the process of creating a new spoken audio track for a video in a different language and adding it to the original video as a replacement for the original speaker’s voice.

Whereas subtitles are a written translation of a video’s audio for viewers who might not understand the language, dubbing enables viewers to follow the program’s audio in their native tongue. When done professionally, the newly dubbed track fits seamlessly into the video.

VITAC’s voice dubbing services are underpinned by our high-quality translations and supported by an international network of partner studios and a vast pool of creative talent.

Our international network of in-territory translators and partner studios allows us to provide multi-language voice services. We offer English language dubbing and voiceover services and provide both in-studio and remote multi-language audio services through our partner studios worldwide.

Dubbed Content that Lives up to the Original Production

Clients choose VITAC’s voice dubbing service because of our attention to detail. We employ talented voice actors working in modern studios, and use cutting edge audio equipment to create a new audio track with lip-synch style, considering things like dialogue nuance and lip-flap motion to match lip movements as closely as possible.

The dubbed track will capture the emotions, tone, and any idiomatic expressions of the original audio recording, and can include multiple voice actors, song interpretations and adaptations, and music and effects reconstructions.

Our access to a wide range of in-territory creative directors, mixers, and voice artists means we can maintain the same standards as the original production, choosing crew and talent that fits the tone, style, and genre of your video. This meticulous approach is maintained throughout the writing, recording, and technical delivery of your content.


YouTube Dubbing

Thinking about going global with your YouTube channel? Tempted to test out YouTube’s multi-language audio tracks to reach an international audience? Before you can start sharing your content with the world, you need to make some decisions about how you’re going to approach dubbing. VITAC, a YouTube Recommended Vendor, can help walk you through the process. Check out our short video that highlights some of the items you’ll want to consider before dubbing your project.

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