As-Broadcast Scripts

Broadcast Scripts

The amount of original scripted programming available to the viewing audience has never been so high, with primetime TV content alone doubling between 2010 and 2020. This figure doesn’t even include popular and ever-increasing original content on platforms such as:

  • AppleTV
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Peacock

Producers need to caption this programming, but they are also often responsible for delivery of a specially formatted post-production transcript along with the video.

At VITAC, we use our already-created caption files and customer-provided video to create accurate post-production transcripts, with quick turnaround, at reasonable prices. In addition to our video, audio, and podcast transcription, VITAC offers these specialty transcripts for post-production delivery.

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As-Broadcast Scripts (ABS)

By far the most popular and simplest post production transcript is the As-Broadcast Script (ABS). The ABS file is delivered as a Word doc or PDF, usually in table form. Depending on the format, it includes:

  • Timecode references
  • Scene headings
  • Descriptions of on-screen actions and sounds
  • Basic camera shots
  • The verbatim spoken dialogue

VITAC Offers Two Standard ABS Formats:

  • Basic As-Broadcast Script (ABS): These include timecodes, speaker, sound effects, on-screen graphics, and the verbatim dialogue in paragraph form. This simple format is commonly used for translation or submitting projects to awards shows
abs basic
  • Technical As-Broadcast Scripts (ABT): These include scene descriptions and timecode-out references in addition to everything contained in a basic ABS. This format often is used for translation and dubbing, as it tells the dubbing company exactly what space in time can be filled with the new audio. Scene detail examples include:
    • Int. Car – James riding in car along road while speaking to camera
    • Ext. Forest – James disembarking from car, walking into a forest
abs tech

Continuity Lists

Continuity lists are more detailed documents describing nearly every aspect of a video’s production. They can serve as a legal description of the final product and are often used for copyright purposes. They also can be used for preparing language translations during dubbing.

VITAC’s UK Team, formerly Take 1, creates the most accurate continuity lists in the industry.

Some of the most common continuity list options include:

  • A Dialogue Continuity Script (DCS) – This contains general action descriptions, all dialogue, indication of voice-over and off-screen dialogue, character names, and time codes. This method is required by HBO, among others
  • A Combined Continuity List (CCL) This contains cut-by-cut descriptions of all camera shots, movements of camera and actors within the shot, and dialogue spoken within the shot as well as sound effects, music cues, and indication of voice-over and off-screen sound
  • A Combined Dialogue and Spotting List (CDSL) – This is a script that combines verbatim dialogue and CCL elements like music cues, sound effects, and cut-by-cut descriptions of all camera shots with the actual subtitle, including in and out timecodes. A CDSL also includes scene changes
  • A Combined Continuity and Spotting List (CCSL) – This includes both of the above: camera movements, movement of actors within a shot, spoken dialogue, subtitles, and in and out timecodes

Custom Client Solutions

Though as-broadcast and continuity lists are well-defined by the industry, there is no end to the customization VITAC can offer. Because of our H-Factor and dedicated customer service model, we can work with you to create and deliver to your specifications.

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