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YouTube Dubbing for Hyper Studios

In a Nutshell

Dylan Huynh started creating YouTube videos at just 14 years old and, over the last decade, has converted his childhood hobby into a lucrative career. His production company, Hyper Studios, employs a full-time staff of 12, creating and sharing content across a handful of YouTube channels with a total following of more than five million subscribers. But Huynh intends to transform his YouTube empire from an English-language channel to one that appeals to audiences around the world by translating his YouTube videos.

The Challenge

After a lengthy search for the right dubbing partner, the Hyper Studios team chose Take 1, now VITAC, as its preferred YouTube translator because of our reputation in the media and entertainment industry and our high-quality approach to language services.

“[VITAC]’s experience with massive names like Discovery and the BBC speaks for itself, but their approach to the project is what really made them stand out. We could tell they valued our content just as much as they would value massive TV projects.”

Jim Calcaterra, Operations Manager at Hyper Studios

The Solution

Huynh’s ambition to become a global sensation starts with the HyperPlays channel – an offshoot of the original Hyper channel that is dedicated to familyfriendly gaming videos centered around Roblox.

In February 2022, the Hyper Studios team turned to VITAC with the idea of voice dubbing these high-energy, dynamic videos into Spanish to tap into a market of new viewers and grow the channel’s international following.

“There are Minecraft channels that are dubbed in Spanish that get hundreds of millions of views, but no one is currently utilizing YouTube dubbing in the Roblox sphere,” Huynh says. He believes that, as one the most popular channels currently sharing Roblox content, Hyper Roblox could attract a massive international audience by adding a professional dub to the videos and making the content available in other languages.

He’s testing this theory by enlisting VITAC’s dubbing services to translate 15 of his YouTube videos into Spanish to gauge the response to the content.

The Results

On finding a Spanish voice artist that could match Huynh’s energy and performance

“They got it right away,” says Jim Calcaterra, Operations Manager. “To dub Dylan’s YouTube videos well, we needed a voice that matched his liveliness and delivery, so that the overall feel of the video gives the same viewing experience as the one you get in English. They gave us options for voices, and we could’ve used any one of them – they were so high quality and fit with the content so well.”


On localization and translation across Hyper Studios channels

The Hyper Studios team intends to utilize profits from the Spanish video dubbing project to create more high-budget videos across their channels, but Huynh’s not stopping there, with plans to potentially expand this YouTube dubbing project into multiple other languages. “We’re still in the research and testing phase at the moment, but there’s definitely a couple of other languages we’re looking into,” he says.


On the future of YouTube content

“I see YouTube as a platform that will overtake everything else in the next 10 years – having watched it evolve since I first started making videos at 14 years old,” says Huynh. “The top tier content creators on the platform are producing the same content that networks are making, in a shorter time, with their own money – and they’ve got all the creative freedom in the world.”

“It’s not just about the voice but the mouth movements, too. Being able to rely on [VITAC] to take care of that aspect of quality and deliver a high-caliber product made the process so much easier.”

Dylan Huynh, Founder of Hyper Studios

Hyper Studios

is an entertainment media company focusing on content production and brand growth. It currently operates five YouTube channels primarily focused on Roblox gaming and real life content such as challenges and comedic skits. The channels boast more than 50 million subscribers and more than 30 million monthly views.

Hyper Studios logo, 4 cartoon drawings of bears making various faces against a yellow background with the word "Hyper" in pink text.

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