22 Apr 2014 VITAC

VITAC Rolls Out New Corporate Products Lineup

For 28 years, VITAC has been the nation’s leading provider of closed captioning services for live and prerecorded television. However in those years, we’ve become much more than a broadcast TV caption provider, adding audio description, translation and subtitling, and captioning for the web to our services — among many others.

In accordance with our goal of constant growth and improvement, we are proud to announce our newest service line, tailored to corporations looking to improve their communications and meetings. Across the three services, there is one goal: engaging of the target audience. Whether the audience consists of employees in a web meeting, viewers of a recorded corporate address, or attendees of a corporate event, adding captioning and/or subtitles is a great way to make your corporate communications more effective.

Here is VITAC’s 2014 new product lineup:

Conference Captioning: Having a conference, meeting, or event speaker live-captioned by a trained stenographer is a great way to engage your audience, and enhance comprehension and retention. Captions can be displayed on any mobile device or on a display screen for all to see.

Global Reach Subtitling: Multimedia has become more important than ever for internal corporate communications. By translating and subtitling video addresses, as well as PowerPoint presentations and nearly any other document type, corporations can keep their non-native English speakers engaged and on-message like never before.

Web Captioning: Regardless of the meeting type, be it WebEx, Google+ Hangouts, MediaSite or GoToMeeting, having a live transcript of your meeting maximizes engagement and efficiency, and allows for easy indexing of your records.

Please contact us today with further questions or to order one of our new products.