VITAC Combines AI Technology, Experience to Deliver Exceptional Caption and Transcription Quality 

Apr 9 2024 VITAC
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VITAC, a Verbit Company, has harnessed the power of AI to provide a breakthrough in transcription and caption accuracy, efficiency, and affordability. 

Our new, proprietary AI-powered solution, Captivate™, combines industry leading technology with decades of experience to provide high-accuracy transcripts and captions, guaranteed uptimes, customizable solutions, and integrations with multiple platforms.  

Built in-house by transcription, speech, and machine learning experts, Captivate is trained using diverse language models enabling it to understand languages, accents, and speech patterns better than generic ASR engines. Our scalable technology can be tailored to the individual customer and applied to various ASR core models depending on their specific need. 

“What sets Captivate apart from other ASR engines is that we developed, built, and own the technology,” said Dr. Irit Opher, Vice President of Research at Verbit. “Owning the engine allows our team to monitor, teach, and control outputs constantly. Through this, we’re able to provide versatile and cost-effective solutions for captioning and transcription while guaranteeing exceptional accuracy.” 

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Further separating Captivate from other generic engines, the solution features our Dynamic Domain Dictionary, which constantly searches domain-specific terms and trending topics to form an always up-to-date base library. We then layer customer-specific domain boosting (based on advanced prep materials, pre- and post-session research, and live-session monitoring), multilanguage support and additional customization options to deliver the most customer-relevant and accurate output. 

Captivate is being used by customers in a variety of industries, including Washington Post Live, the Washington Post’s live journalism platform where global leaders, government officials, business CEOs, and other newsmakers discuss timely, important issues. Verbit provides live captions for these discussions, capturing rich and varied viewpoints on a wide range of topics. 

“Working with Verbit Captivate for captioning has been a game changer for us at Washington Post Live,” said Mohammed Sharabi, Washington Post Live Production Technician. “The volume and increasing change in schedules and times make Verbit Captivate an easy choice when it comes to cost, accuracy, and ease of use. We can quickly make changes and edits…and the quality of captions has not been compromised.” 

Captivate is part of VITAC’s ongoing commitment to providing enhanced accessibility and unlocking the value of speech for all customers.  

While our AI speech recognition technology helps customers capture the spoken word, our generative AI solution – Gen.V – enables them to receive additional insights and value from their transcripts via automatically produced summaries, headlines, or keywords. We then apply those insights into established workflows and enhance the messages that matter most. 

“Advances in generative AI are creating the next chapter in speech technology, and Verbit has the experts in place to help write it,” said Verbit CEO Yair Amsterdam. “As a global leader in speech technology, we’re exploring new technologies and seeking ways to enhance our offerings and solutions, helping customers ‘make words work’ and realize the value in accurately capturing every word.”