VITAC by the Numbers

By: David Titmus
VITAC logo on a television set

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There is an old saying that “the numbers speak for themselves” but we’d be remiss if we didn’t add a few thoughts as well.

VITAC captions more than 582,000 hours of programming each year. Breaking that down a little further, that translates to captioning more than 48,000 hours of programming each month or more than 11,000 hours of captions each week.

The graphic below shows some of those impressive numbers.

Chart showing VITAC captioning numbers for 2020, highlighted by VITAC captioning more than 582,000 hours of content

Although we are the largest and most experienced captioning company in the country, it’s our people, capacity, and technical expertise that truly enables us to stand above our competitors.

We’re constantly updating our offerings to keep up with today’s fast-paced industries and the needs of our clients, which include broadcast companies, cable networks, Fortune 1000 corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and stadiums, arenas, and event centers, among others, who rely on us each day to provide the most accurate, highest-quality captions.

Our services include live and offline captioning, audio description, subtitling, and transcription. We offer a host of multi-language services, including the creation of captions and subtitles in more than 50 languages, and extensive live and offline caption integrations, including captioning solutions for Zoom, Webex, YouTube, Facebook, and GoToMeeting, among others.

Though we do keep busy, we always make time for our clients and caption viewers. Staffed 24/7, 365-days-a-year, our dedicated client services team is a one-stop point of contact for all scheduling, coordination, pricing, and production-related needs.

Click here to learn more about VITAC and our offerings.