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Audio Transcription

Audio transcripts are an important supplement to provide to your audience and to anyone who wasn’t able to attend your event but would like to know what was discussed. These transcripts can be used within a variety of live events, including seminars, conferences, town hall gatherings, lectures, webinars, in-person or remote meetings.

There are many benefits to audio transcription, including:

Audio transcription is a natural part of captioning and, with more than 30 years of experience, we’re able to deliver the most effective transcripts in the industry. Our customers use transcripts:

  • To post alongside videos
  • To create minutes of meetings we’ve captioned
  • To distribute to meeting attendees
  • In conjunction with translation services

We define audio transcripts as text files created from an audio source, without video.

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Audio Transcript Options

VITAC offers three primary transcript options for audio files.

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Audio Transcription for Live Events

Are we captioning your live meeting, conference call, or event? If so, you may download a quick transcript, during or after the event, directly from our Internet Captioning Service (ICS) player.

If live captioning isn’t required, we can still create a transcript. Our captioners dial into meetings or events as an attendee, caption what is spoken, and send that instant audio transcript to customers directly.

Audio Transcripts for Recorded Content

We offer perfected and timecoded transcripts for prerecorded audio files as well. It’s easy to get started − simply upload your content via our secure server and receive your audio transcript in your folder at the time requested. Our transcripts site makes the process simple.

Multiple Language Options for Audio Transcription

Prerecorded audio transcription is available in more than 50 languages and can include same-language or translated-language text. Our most popular service is our quick-turnaround Spanish transcription for radio clips, which includes: