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Interested in a career with North America’s largest provider of media accessibility solutions? VITAC gives you the opportunity to work alongside the best professionals in the industry!

VITAC provides realtime and offline captioning for the millions of individuals in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, creating equal access to programming, events, meetings, and education, and ensuring accessibility for life. While our size is notable and resource capacity is second to none in North America, our incredibly committed and skilled people and technical expertise are our true differentiators.

We’re always looking for captioning experts, technology leaders, sales and marketing professionals, and corporate administrators.

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Captioning Experts

Captioning Experts


Realtime Captioners

Voice and steno captioners are responsible for instantaneous transcription and delivery of television programs, meetings, conferences, and sporting events to the tune of more than 600,000 hours each year.

Offline Captioners

Our offline captioners are experts who create captions for prerecorded content on television and the web, creating verbatim caption files that are timed and placed to appear in sync with program audio and video.

Client Sales and Services (CSS)

Our CSS team onboards all new clients, sets expectations, and confirms that we deliver on those expectations. The group measures and reports on caption quality, on-time delivery, and uptime.

Realtime Technical Services (RTS)

Our 24/7 RTS team works with captioners and clients to ensure flawless delivery, immediate technical support, and outstanding customer service. They man our hotlines and are expert problem solvers.


Our 24/7 scheduling team works flawlessly within our state-of-the-art scheduling system to ensure our 400+ captioners are scheduled appropriately on more than 700 hours of content, every single day.


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Audio Describers

Our Audio Description team scripts and creates AD for visually impaired audiences across the UK, USA and Canada for a wide range of TV shows, Films, Educational Content and Advertisements. Click here to learn more.

Technology Experts

Technology Experts


Software developers

VITAC’s software developers are the creative forces behind our extensive array of (and, often, proprietary) captioning programs and applications. They develop and test new ideas and solutions, always with a focus on improving not only the quality of the captions we produce but the way we produce those captions.

Video Engineers

Our engineers provide the critical link in the chain between software development and commercial application that meets our client and consumer needs. They’re problem solvers, adept at finding solutions to any number of technical problems.

Systems Operations

Our systems operations team keeps VITAC up and running, responsible for implementing and developing new platforms and processes and keeping current with the latest and constantly changing technologies.

Project Management

Our management team is responsible for project planning, procurement, and execution, working closely with other departments to assess needs, goals, and special requirements.

Why Work for VITAC?

Check out our short video and learn for yourself why VITAC employees like working for the number one captioning company in the country.

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Our sales and marketing teams work together to promote VITAC and our wide range of captioning and accessibility services and offerings.


Sales Team

Our sales team works with clients on a daily basis to address their needs and develop solutions that best satisfy their requirements and budgets. They often are the first contacts that clients (new and existing) reach at VITAC.


Marketing Team

The marketing team coordinates and produces a variety of materials, including collateral pieces, website content, targeted email campaigns, and company presentations, and works closely with deaf and hard-of-hearing advocates and advocacy groups.

Corporate Administration

Corporate Administration



The performance and success of any company greatly depends on how well finances are handled. Our experienced finance team oversees accounts payable/receivable, financial reporting and control, tax and compliance, financial planning and analysis, and everything in between.


Human Resources

Our human resources team works closely with all of our departments, and is a go-to resource for employee questions and concerns. The department oversees staffing, development, compensation, health and safety, and employee and labor relations.

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