Advancing Accessibility: VITAC’s Multi-Language Services Enhance Corporate Communications

Jul 16 2019 David Titmus
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Today’s business world no longer is defined by its brick and mortar walls, with companies expanding their global footprint in countries far and wide.

And as this global workplace continues to grow, so, too, does the need for corporations to effectively communicate with all of its employees, clients, and customers across borders and around the world. Whether it be internal company-wide memos, CEO communications, employee training materials, or video conferences, getting your message out to your global audience is important.

As the country’s largest provider of captioning and accessibility services, VITAC provides a host of multi-language services (MLS) for international corporations looking to reach all of their employees.

Our multi-language team are experts at translation and the creation of captions and subtitles in over 50 languages for niche customers including, but not limited to: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, and dozens more.

The many benefits of adding captions and subtitles to corporate-wide communications, include:

  • Delivering the corporate message to all employees in their native language;
  • Better engagement with a company’s global workforce; and
  • Increasing comprehension and retention of key points.

Our professional team of captioners and subtitlers include:

  • EML experts: Skilled English captioners who create the original English Master List (EML).
  • Translators: Native speakers, fluent in English, who populate the timed EML file with translations.
  • QC Experts: Native speakers, fluent in English, who are skilled at timing subtitles.
  • Reviewers: Native language subtitle experts who review and render final files.

Our expertise spans a wide range of subjects – from corporate rebranding to online training videos (to say nothing of our work on the latest movie releases and internationally distributed TV networks).

Close-up of a captioner's computer screenFor instance, VITAC provides hundreds of hours of prerecorded Spanish captioning and subtitling each year for a variety of media and entertainment and corporate customers, including large-scale webinars for a global Fortune 50 technology company.

And though content producers and programmers around the world employ a broad range of video and subtitle file formats, VITAC’s MLS professionals can create files that work on almost any video platform, whether it be traditional platforms or new or custom platforms (such as HTML5).

We produce SCC, SRT, VTT, DFXP/XML, and SMI files, among a variety of others, that work with our clients’ platforms, and we are constantly evolving our offerings as customers continue to develop new platforms and come up with new needs.

In the business sector, our multi-language services team handles translation of internal corporate videos − such as quarterly reports and updates, education pieces, and safety and security training videos – for a Fortune 50 telecom company and an international network of educational institutions, as well as external product marketing pieces. Our translated document exports can be shared via Word (DOC, RTF, TXT) or Excel (XLS).

VITAC’s multi-language services offers quick-turnaround translation and subtitling for almost any video format or web platform, and realtime translation with captions delivered to a wide variety of caption encoders or integrated with webcast or conference applications.

Contact one of our service representatives for more details.