30,000 Minutes of Transcription

Mar 18 2020 VITAC
Morgan Freeman sits on a stool against a backdrop with religious iconography. In white letters to his right are the words 'The story of God with Morgan Freeman.' For the transcription blog

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Trever Fong has been a client of Take 1 (now VITAC) for almost a decade. In that time, he’s worked his way up from post-production supervisor to director of post-production at companies like Magical Elves, Revelations, Mythical Entertainment, and Lightbox Entertainment and commissioned us to produce an estimated 30,000 minutes of transcription, translation, and as-broadcast scripts. The content we’ve worked on together includes titles like National Geographic’s “Story of God” starring Morgan Freeman, HBO Documentary Films’ “Diagnosis,” and “You Kiddin’ Me” for Facebook Watch. As one of our longstanding clients, we asked Trever to answer some questions about his experience of working with us. 

You’ve been a loyal client since around 2012 – how did you find us and what made you decide to use us initially? 

Yes! The show was “Around the World in 80 Plates” and I was tasked to find a company that could translate the various languages from the many countries we visited during production. I was a bit lost as I’ve never worked on such a show and my post producer sent me a link to website.

What products and services have you used over the years?  

Translations, transcriptions, and broadcast scripts. To add, VITAC’s options for turnaround are always accurate.

You’ve continued to use us over many years and in roles at various companies – what made you so loyal?

Since my first experience it was very clear that VITAC was not only capable of delivering accurate and speedy turnarounds, but their customer support is unmatched. We work with various networks with a wide range of formats and VITAC was always willing and able to adapt. 

How hard was it to convince your new colleagues at each of these companies to use VITAC?  

It’s never easy to convince a company to change their ways, but if something isn’t working and you can offer a premium solution that works with the budget, it’s harder to deny quality work at a good price.

Have the productions you’ve worked on with VITAC been similar in nature or very diverse?  

I’ve worked with a variety of formats in my career – VITAC is still my go to because of their ability to adapt.

What’s more important – convenience, quality, or security – and why? 

All three are important. Security – one of the worst things that can happen in this industry is leaking content, it compromises trust and can be a huge legal mess. Quality – clients are looking for a solution, not another problem – it costs time if something needs to be redone, and time is typically a challenge in this industry. Convenience – make it easy for your customers to give you money! When things become too complicated is usually when they’ll start looking for better options.

How does the current transcription marketplace in the US compare with when you first started working with VITAC?  

There has been a steady increase in the demand for content with the rising streaming networks over the years, and, honestly, I haven’t had a reason to explore competing options for something that’s always worked for me.

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