Webinar on Digitizing Museum and Library Experiences set for March 16

Mar 7 2022 David Titmus
Interior of museum with 13 painting hanging on a wall for the Digitizing the Museum and Library Experience Webinar

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A 2020 survey of museum digitization found that more than 31% of museums did not yet have a digital strategy, while another 29% were discussing one but hadn’t fully put together a plan. Just two years later, these numbers are changing at warp speed.

With this in mind, you are invited to join a free webinar by VITAC sister company AutomaticSync (AST) to learn more about the issues that are reshaping museums and libraries and creating opportunities for more engaging and accessible content.

AST will host a live webinar on Wednesday, March 16, at 11 AM ET to discuss digitizing experiences in the cultural sector and the importance of ensuring online accessibility for all audiences. Learn from leaders at the Phillips Collection and other organizations as they share their successful strategies to include more audiences and offer engaging digital-first experiences.

Now is the Time to Discuss Digitization at Cultural Centers

Interior of a library with a person working at a desk for the Digitizing the Museum and Library Experience WebinarMuseums’ online existences are evolving rapidly, especially in the wake of a public health crisis that prompted more online tours, virtual exhibitions, livestreams, and podcasts. As a result, museums who proactively jump on this trend will benefit and better serve their audiences.

Libraries are also embracing the digital world, and research indicates that these community resources serve a vital role in promoting digital equity. In fact, over 88% of libraries offer some form of digital literacy programming, and libraries are a free source of internet access and information for millions of people. As the importance of internet access grows, so will the online needs of these digital hubs.

Meet the Speakers

Attendees will hear valuable and timely insights from four expert library and museum professionals. These speakers each have a unique perspective to share and a plethora of experience fostering inclusive digitization efforts at cultural institutions.

John Suau, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Cultural Sector, Verbit

Suau will bring his library and museum accessibility expertise to the webinar as the event’s moderator. In his previous roles, Suau served as the Executive Director of the D.C. History Center and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums. Suau is a passionate advocate for accessibility at cultural institutions and led DEIA efforts through the American Alliance of Museums for decades. Currently, Suau works with Verbit to promote digital accessibility and cultural inclusion initiatives at museums and libraries.

Darci Vanderhoff, Chief Information Officer, The Phillips Collection

Vanderhoff has served in various roles at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. The Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. celebrated its centennial last year, making it the nation’s first modern art museum. Vanderhoff works to ensure that the museums’ exhibits support diverse audience members and visitors by promoting ongoing accessibility and inclusion initiatives.

Jenna Winterle Kehres, Museum Programs Manager, National Constitution Center

Kehres manages the National Constitution Center’s museum programs. The National Constitution Center, located in Philadelphia, “brings the Constitution to life” through exhibits and interactive programming. Previously, Kehres served as the Center’s Director of Learning and Engagement and contributed to accessibility and inclusivity efforts aimed at educating all Americans about the US Constitution.

Heather York, VP Marketing, VITAC

York has 25 years of experience working at VITAC with media accessibility efforts, including with several major networks. Additionally, she has guided many libraries and museums on their inclusivity journeys and is passionate about making content available to everyone through captioning and other accessibility services.

Participants will enjoy the opportunity to learn from our presenters and interact with them in a live Q&A session that will conclude the event.

Digitizing the Museum and Library Experience Webinar advert displaying the photo of the four speakers

How to Join

Register here for this free webinar. The event is open to all who may benefit, so share the link with your peers as well.