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Dec 30 2020 David Titmus
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Have questions about captions and captioning? Unsure how to start the ball rolling on creating a more accessible – and ADA-compliant – meeting space for clients and colleagues? Curious if captions can integrate with your video platform? Don’t worry, VITAC has you covered.

As the nation’s leader in closed captioning since 1986, we take pride in sharing our knowledge with our clients and consumers. Our library of on-demand webinars has the answers to your captioning-related questions.

Check out some of our more popular webinars below.


Webinar logo - Why CaptionCaptions play a crucial role in the daily lives of tens of millions of Americans in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and reach new audiences every day via computer screens, tablets, and smartphones. Adding captions to your content immediately makes that content inclusive and accessible. It also helps satisfy federal requirements, including those from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and the Federal Communications Commission.

VITAC’S “Why Caption” webinar examines the myriad benefits of captioning, and discusses reasons to caption all content from a variety of regulatory, industry, and consumer standpoints.


Webinar logo - How Captioning WorksFrom the conference room to the classroom to the living room, captioning content not only satisfies ADA regulations but, perhaps more importantly, makes information attainable and retainable for the 50 million people in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community (DHOH) and the broader viewing markets (especially millennials) that choose captions over sound.

How Captioning Works” discusses how captions (both live and prerecorded) are created, and the role that captions play in everyday life, among other topics.


Webinar logo - How Offline Captions Work

Unlike captions that are created in real time for live programs or events, offline captions are created in advance for prerecorded programs.

How Offline Captions Work” looks at the process of offline captioning, and offers tips to keep in mind when ordering captions.

VITAC’s offline captioners are more than just good transcribers and spellers — they’re masters of description, line breaks, timing, readability, sound effects, and common style rules that average viewers may not notice. In short, they’re experts in their craft.


Webinar logo - Corporate CaptionsA growing number of companies have discovered that captioning their live and on-demand webcast meetings and webinars not only helps satisfy accessibility requirements, but is also essential for engaging employees and maximizing meeting productivity.

Whether it be conference calls or video conferences, online meetings, training sessions, or group discussions, captions help a wide range of corporation ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees.

VITAC’S “Creating Corporate Captions” webinar explains the benefits of captioning in the corporate world, and offers some real-life examples of how and what corporations are captioning.


Webinar logo - Caption IntegrationsAmong the most important topics when discussing captioning in the corporate world are whether captions can integrate with a company’s existing video platforms, and whether the details of that captioned data are secure.

Whether a company requires a customizable solution to meet its captioning needs, or handles sensitive information, such as client data or employee information, VITAC has a solution.

VITAC’s “Custom Caption Integrations and Data Security” webinar discusses, among other things, the most popular video platforms and caption integrations; how VITAC creates custom workflows to integrate with both live and recorded video platforms; and the measures taken to ensure client information security.


Webinar logo - Stadium CaptionsOur webinar on “Understanding Stadium Captioning” offers advice and solutions on meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in presenting inclusive, accessible events.

Topics include the different ways captions are presented in arenas, stadiums, and event centers, and best practices among venues already providing accessible events.


And we’re always here for you, too. Reach out to a service representative if you’d like more information, or have questions on a specific captioning need.