VITAC, Verbit Hosting Caption Quality Workshop at TDI Conference

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Often when caption viewers experience captioning issues or see poor quality captions, they simply note to the broadcaster or captioning provider that the captions are ‘bad.’ Though this is helpful in alerting to a problem in caption quality, it lacks the preciseness needed to identify and correct the issue.

For that reason, VITAC and Verbit will lead an educational workshop at next week’s TDI Biennial Conference focused on common captioning concerns, the best and most helpful ways for caption viewers to report any errors, and solutions to correct these issues.

The workshop – “Reporting Caption Quality Concerns: How You Can Make a Difference” – is set for Friday, July 28, from 10 to 11 AM in Salon F.

Speakers include Heather York, Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs at VITAC; Crystal Evans, Counsel, Regulatory Affairs at NBCUniversal; Darlene Parker, Director of Partnership with the National Captioning Institute; Stacey Romero, Senior Accessibility Manager with Spectrum; and Larry Walke, Associate General Counsel with the National Association of Broadcasters. The panel will be moderated by Matthew Schwartz, Vertical Marketing Lead at Verbit.

The session, sponsored by Spectrum, is designed to inform caption viewers how to report captioning concerns, provide tips and suggestions for how to be specific in reporting caption issues, highlight common causes and solutions to caption errors seen on television, and share how caption providers use viewer feedback to correct issues and improve overall service.

TDI Biennial Conference

The 2023 TDI Biennial Conference will be held at the Hotel at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD, on July 27-29. This year’s conference theme is “Digital Inclusion for All” and will feature nine plenaries and 12 sessions on innovative and transformative ideas for strengthening equity in technology and digital spaces, including the educational, government, health, employment, and telecom sectors.

The show is expected to attract more than 100 speakers and more than 400 attendees, including legislators, government agency representatives, telecommunication industry leaders, advocacy groups, TDI members, and community stakeholders.

TDI focuses on driving accessible communication and advocacy for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, advocating for full accessibility, equity, and inclusion in information and communications technology, and full access and equitable participation in information and communication networks.