1 Feb 2019 David Titmus

VITAC Launches New Captioning Ordering Site

VITAC, a leader in captioning and accessible solutions for more than three decades, has unveiled a new, refreshed ordering site, making it even easier for customers to order new captioning services and update already scheduled captioning projects.

VITAC Rebranded Captioning Ordering SiteThe new ordering site – order.vitac.com – replaces “order.captioncolorado.com,” and features streamlined visual elements, including easy-to-read text and colorful, branded graphics that better reflect and represent VITAC and its customers.

The new design does not affect the website’s navigation or offerings in any way, and there will be no break in service. Customers who visit VITAC’s previous ordering site will be redirected to the new ordering page.

“We’re always looking for new ways to better serve our customers,” said VITAC Chief Marketing Officer John Capobianco. “VITAC’s newly revamped ordering site makes it even easier for customers to set up the captioning and accessibility solutions that work best for them.”

VITAC is the largest provider of realtime and offline captioning products and services in the United States, responsible for more than 11,000 hours of captioning every week. Our customers include every major broadcasting company, most cable networks, program producers, corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.