23 Jun 2020 David Titmus

VITAC ebook Explains How Captions Can Grow Your Business

Are you interested in learning more about captions but aren’t sure what questions to ask? Looking for a way to make your meetings accessible to all but don’t know where to start?

A new ebook from VITAC gives a brief overview of captions and the captioning process and can help you bring accessible communications to your business and workplaces.

A Guide to Corporate Captions (Or Everything You Wanted to Know About Captions But Were Afraid to Ask), available for download now, looks at the ins and outs of closed captioning, how captions and multi-language subtitles help corporations, and the cost (both financial and reputational) of ignoring accessible communications. The book explains how captions are created and how business of all sizes can use captions to attract customers and better communicate with their entire audience.

It’s the perfect primer for folks new to the captioning world as well as more experienced users interested in learning about the hidden benefits of captions, including increased SEO rankings and instant transcripts from any meeting or event.

As the country’s largest provider of closed captioning services, VITAC has developed a number of custom solutions to help all of our clients not only satisfy accessibility requirements but also ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees for, among other things:

  • Conference calls
  • Online meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Video conferences
  • Webinars