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VITAC Bringing Captions, Inclusion to Seattle City Council Meetings

VITAC, the largest provider of captioning products and services in the United States, is proud to provide live, realtime captions for cable television broadcasts of Seattle City Council meetings, ensuring that all viewers have equal access to Seattle government discussions and decisions.

VITAC is providing captions to the Seattle Channel’s live broadcasts of city council meetings, including committee and special meetings. The captioned council meetings also will be archived for playback on the air and online at and Seattle Channel’s YouTube site.

“Captioning adds to our mission to provide transparent and increased access to government, and it supports the city’s digital equity goals,” said Shannon Gee, Seattle Channel station manager.

VITAC’s live captioning offerings include the largest and best workforce of captioners in the business, supported by a team of engineers, schedulers, and production coordinators.

We offer services to local governments and municipalities, captioning everything from school board meetings to city councils to state legislatures. Our services include captioning for press briefings and city and county government sessions. Our live captioning services also offer custom caption solutions, ensuring full participation and inclusion by all attendees, for conference calls, meetings, training sessions, video conferences and webcasts, sporting events, concerts, and focus groups and other discussions that require full transcripts of all spoken dialogue.

The Seattle Channel is an award-winning municipal television station, available to cable television subscribers in Seattle on channel 21 on Comcast (321 HD) and Wave (721 HD) and on CenturyLink channel 8003 (8503 HD). Programming also is available live on the web at, which includes archives of thousands of programs available on demand.

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