Verbit Company Donation Helps Team Play in European Deaf Futsal Championship Tournament 

Sep 21 2022 David Titmus
Team photo of the Israel Women’s National Futsal team with players and coaches standing in front of a futsal goal.

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Futsal teams are used to overcoming challenges on the court, whether it be tough opponents, bad bounces, or impenetrable goalkeepers. However, beating off-the-court issues sometimes requires a little help.

The Verbit Company – inclusive of Verbit, VITAC, Take 1, Take Note, AST, and US Captioning – has stepped up to financially assist an inspiring futsal team. Israel Women’s National Futsal team is a team comprised of 11 players who are deaf or hard of hearing. They needed assistance in their quest to attend and compete in the FIFA European Deaf Futsal Championship in Italy this October.

The Israel Women’s National team plays as part of the Israel Deaf Sports Organization (IDSO). All the athletes are deaf or hard of hearing and communicate with each other during games through sign language. They speak with their coach via a sign language interpreter. The games are played in an environment accessible to the players. Referees who are deaf are also featured and use flags to announce stoppages in play and flashing lights to signify blown whistles.

Similar to soccer, Futsal is played indoors on a hard court smaller than a traditional pitch. Each team fields five players, including a goalkeeper.

The team had success against opponents but, unfortunately, ran into budget concerns off the court that would have prevented them from attending the championship tournament in Montesilvano, Italy from Oct. 13-22.

Verbit’s leadership heard about the team’s troubles and donated the substantial amount the team needed to arrange their travel, secure plane tickets, accommodations, clothing, and equipment.

“There are not enough words to thank you for your significant help,” said player Nofer Saban. “It completely changes the picture and gives us a great possibility to achieve our goal.”

The donation is just one example of Verbit’s commitment to the communities it serves. It demonstrates our “Do Good, Win Together” philosophy and company culture of making the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all, empowering each other for success.

Over the past few months, Verbit and its companies have volunteered at food banks and animal shelters, delivered groceries to those in need, and partnered with to spotlight the importance of inclusion.

“One of our core company values is ‘Win Together,’” said Tom Livne, Verbit Founder & CEO. “We are honored to provide the backing and support needed by such an inspiring team of athletes to showcase what is possible on an international stage. We are excited to watch this team show the world that no disability nor barrier should stand in the way of one’s ability to ‘win’ and demonstrate their talents.”

“The donation you made sent the players sky high,” said player Elizaveta Blinov. “Thank you for your help, for trusting us, and, most importantly, for empowering women.”

Founded in 1953, IDSO provides an equal opportunity for athletes who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in sports competitions and events, hosting men’s and women’s leagues and teams at the youth and adult levels in Israel and abroad.

The Verbit Company is proud to support this important mission and inspiring team. Israel will first face the team from Ireland on October 13. Watch here to see a glimpse of the team in action.