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Keep current with all the latest VITAC, accessibility, and industry news, updates, and happenings.

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VITAC Webinars Keep Clients, Consumers in the Know

Have questions about captions and captioning? Unsure how to start the ball rolling on creating a more accessible – and ADA-compliant – meeting space for clients and colleagues? Curious if captions can integrate with your video platform? Don’t worry, VITAC has you covered. As the nation’s leader in closed captioning since 1986, we take pride…

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Petition Asks FCC for Objective Metrics on ASR, Captioning Quality

A petition filed this week with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asks the commission to begin developing objective, technology-neutral metrics for automatic speech recognition (ASR) software and caption quality. Filed on behalf of nearly a dozen deaf and hard-of-hearing consumer groups, the petition asks the FCC to look into developing objective, technology- and methodology-neutral metrics…

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ADA Round-Up: Legislative Access and Government Captions

Welcome to this month’s edition of “ADA in the News,” featuring recent news, updates, events, and rulings regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Legislative Sessions Lack Captions The 11th Circuit Court is considering a claim involving Florida’s lack of closed captions on its legislative session’s online videos. The case, filed by the National Association of…

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VITAC Among Presenters at this Week’s HLAA 2019 Convention

The Hearing Loss Association of America’s 2019 convention begins today in Rochester, New York. Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing consumers with hearing loss. HLAA offers programs and events designed to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support, and advocacy. The…

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Electronic Newsroom Meeting Underscores Need for Quality Captions on all Broadcasts

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently took a closer look at the use of enhanced Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT) procedures in providing live captions for local news programs. The meeting underscored the need for quality captions on television, and we’ve outlined the highlights below. What is ENT? Electronic Newsroom Technique captions are created from a…

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ADA Round-Up: Safeway, Lyft, Greyhound, and Pokémon Face Accessibility Claims

Welcome to this month’s edition of “ADA in the News,” featuring recent news, updates, events, and rulings regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Safeway to pay $75,000 to resolve disability discrimination lawsuit The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that supermarket chain Safeway will pay $75,000 and will make changes to its policies and…

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Video: How to Set Up and Enable Captions for YouTube Live Events

It’s no great secret that YouTube is a juggernaut in today’s video viewing world. The video sharing platform boasts more than 30 million active daily users (and nearly 2 billion active users each month) watching more than 1 billion hours of video each day. Though many of the videos that people watch are previously recorded,…

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Introducing VITAC’s “VITALK” Video Series

As the largest provider of closed captioning in the United States, we often get questions about the services we provide, how captions work, and the ease in which captions can be added to all content, just to name a few. To better help caption consumers and clients understand our wide range of offerings, as well…

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ADA Round-Up: Harvard, MIT Captioning Suits, Employee Accessibility Claims

Welcome to newest edition of our new monthly feature at that highlights recent news, updates, events, and rulings regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Harvard University, MIT Closed Captioning Suit Lawsuits against Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alleging that the schools failed to caption its public online content will move…

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