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Keep current with all the latest VITAC, accessibility, and industry news, updates, and happenings.

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FCC Updates Audio Description Requirements, Networks; Offers ENT Toolkit

FCC Expands Audio Description The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted an order expanding its audio description requirements to an additional 40 designated market areas (DMAs) over the next four years. The FCC currently requires certain broadcast stations in the top 60 DMAs to provide access to audio described programming. The new requirements will phase…

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FCC Round-up: Audio Description, ENT Captioning Discussions

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will hold its Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), October 14, at 1:30 p.m. ET. The meeting will be held remotely, with video and audio coverage at The meeting is expected to discuss, among other topics: A report and recommendation on enhanced Electronic Newsroom Technique (ENT) and other…

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FCC Considering Expanded Audio Description Requirements

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering a proposal that would require 40 more broadcast markets to provide access to audio descriptions of video programming. Many TV viewers who are blind or have low vision rely on audio description to experience television programming. In the same way captions provide a visual way to experience sound,…

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VITAC has the Answers to Your Questions

The world of captioning and accessible content can be a little daunting for those unfamiliar with how captions work. VITAC, however, has answers for you, and all just a mouse-click away. As a leader in the captioning and accessibility sector for more than three decades, we are happy to share our vast knowledge and experience…

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Now Showing: Rule in Place Requiring Movie Theaters to be More Accessible

A rule designed to make movie theaters more accessible to those with hearing or vision difficulties is now in effect at theaters across the country. Under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Movie Captioning and Audio Description Rule requires movie theaters that show digital movies make available at all screenings, upon…

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Expanded Video Description Rules, Hours take Effect July 1

The rules governing the number of hours of video-described programming that networks are required to provide are changing July 1. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will require the top four broadcast networks and the top five non-broadcast networks to provide 87.5 hours of video description per calendar quarter. The updated rule requires ABC, CBS, Fox,…

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FCC Updates Top Five Non-Broadcast Networks Subject to Video Description

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier this month announced changes to its list of the top five national non-broadcast networks subject to video description requirements. Beginning July 1, the new top five national non-broadcast networks, based on Nielsen ratings, will be USA, HGTV, TBS, Discovery, and History. The commission updates the list of top five…

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