How Does Stadium Captioning Work?

By: David Titmus
Sports fan reading captions at a live game

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Do you want to learn more about stadium captioning? If so, VITAC is ready to help you meet ADA and Rehabilitation Act requirements and bring the country inclusive games, events, and concerts. Learn how you can achieve this by watching our Understanding Stadium Captioning: Everything You Need to Know to Become an Accessibility Champ webinar.

Our exclusive Event Center Solution connects our skilled employee captioners with your scoreboard, ribbon board, and/or in-stadium CCTV system. We can also stream captions to a URL, allowing your fans to access the captions on their mobile phones or tablets.

Why Caption?

There are over 50 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals in the United States. Out of that 50 million, one in six are considered hard-of-hearing. With that, 30 percent of seniors have some type of hearing loss. We’re also finding that more and more veterans that are returning from active duty today have significant hearing loss.

What We Do

VITAC captions more than 50 regional sports networks, in addition to MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and universities around the nation.

The Department of Justice has indicated in past lawsuits that captioned material be what is announced over the PA system, including:

• All play descriptions, scoring, and player information
• Referee and penalty announcements
• In-game promotions, contests, and entertainment action
• Advertising and commercials
• Emergency messaging
• Song lyrics
• End-of-game announcements and next-event information

VITAC has the ability to work with manufacturers and software companies across the country, that may do video graphics for your facility. We also are uniquely able to stream to more than one interface, and can stream to both mobile devices and ribbon boards. The VITAC solution covers your full accessibility scope.

Team Integration Caption Stream App

Another way to market and brand your venue is to enable our caption stream directly into your team’s app. Many venues have the capability for patrons to use the team’s app on their mobile device, and see the captions there, since many attendees may already be using the application for other information regarding the team and game.

Learn More About Stadium Captioning

You can listen and/or watch the webinar with captions here! If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

We can ensure that your stadium and venue information is accessible to all.