Making Security a Priority

By: Laura Swanson
Computer cursor clicking a security link

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How do you know who to trust? Workflow in the 21st century requires collaboration, but that often means entrusting your work to outside parties and service providers, and introducing a whole other set of security concerns.

When it comes to captioning, an accessibility provider’s ability to fully understand the sensitivity of information seen every day ─ and ensure it remains secure ─ becomes another component in evaluating the provider’s quality. A recent video that attracted attention underscored the need for security, especially regarding video footage. Whether the footage is for a highly anticipated episode of a popular program, a behind-the-scenes comment, or an adjustment made during a commercial break, a provider who maintains the security of all footage entrusted to them is essential.

What can you do to make sure an accessibility provider will follow through on security guarantees? Below we’ve listed a few things to look for:

Does the service provider have a detailed process in place designed to protect your security? What does it look like? Are they willing to share it with you?

Does the provider have an all-staff policy in place for the sole purpose of protecting your security? If the provider outsources work to independent contractors, are they also bound to the same security policies?

How has the provider managed changes in technology in the past, and how do they plan to do so in the future? How do they ensure security is maintained even as tools and equipment are updated and new strategies for sharing information are employed?

Does the provider have a history of providing quality services while maintaining security? An experienced provider is more likely to have acquired the knowledge, resources, and strategies that best ensure security.

At the end of the day, your individual security needs will be specific to you. A provider who will collaborate with you to address any additional security needs or concerns and can take any steps necessary to deliver enhanced security when needed is a provider who offers more than an empty promise.

At VITAC, we persistently take our clients’ security and confidentiality needs seriously and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of customer information and data. We design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

Our operations floor is key-card protected and our networks feature complex interdepartmental systems permissions, keeping sensitive files open only to those who require access. We keep drives, such as USB ports, locked down and keep computers from recognizing flash drives. We also have instituted an abundance of security measures and secure portals for remote employees.

To learn more about how we can offer secure, reliable, and quality accessibility services, contact our experienced professionals today.