How Do I Turn Captions Off?


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At VITAC, we love all captions. We think everyone should watch them ─ the benefits to viewers have been proven ─ whether to improve reading retention, learn English, or better understand a television program. That being said, our number one viewer complaint/request is, “how do I turn off captions?”

We don’t advocate turning captions off, but if you find yourself in this situation, these directions may be useful:

To turn off all captions, use the menu or caption function on your television remote control. When you reach the caption menu, you’ll see you have a choice between OFF, CC1, CC2, and, sometimes, CC3 and CC4. Be sure that it is set for OFF, and the captions should disappear.

If you are watching a high-definition television, the captions are most likely controlled by your  cable or satellite box (set top box or STB). Each manufacturer uses a different method to reach the caption menu ─ on Fios, for example, you can press the CC button on your remote control. Some Comcast Motorola boxes require the user to turn off the box to reach the caption menu. Either way, please refer to the website of your program provider. Some common sources include:

Also, please note that your cable or satellite provider is required by law to provide a captioning hotline phone number. You can find that number on the back of your monthly bill or by searching online.