20 Jul 2017 VITAC

Discovery Shark Week 2017: Captions By VITAC

Adrenaline, frantic swimming, fins, jaws, and… captions? That’s right, it’s officially the best week of the year: Shark Week 2017 on the Discovery Channel, and it’s captioned from start to finished by VITAC!

Shark, Shark week 2017 live every week like its sharkweekShark week kicks off on Sunday, July 23rd starting with Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives, followed by: Phelps vs. SharkShark-Croc Showdown, and Great Hammerhead Invasion. Who will win the battle for ocean supremacy? Michael Phelps or the Great White Shark?

Make sure to tune in to the “jaw-dropping” episodes and not miss a word of any spine-tingling, thrilling moment … by turning on the closed captions!

For the the Shark Week program lowdown in its entirety, visit Discovery’s official Shark Week 2017 TV Schedule.