AI-Powered Captioning Solution, ‘Verbit Captivate,’ Provides New Levels of Accuracy, Customization

Feb 20 2024 VITAC
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Words can inform, express, help, or hurt. Our words represent our beliefs, morals, prejudices, and principles and can influence opinions and shape perceptions. They carry our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings, and our intentions. In short, words matter. And capturing those words accurately is important.

At VITAC, we know this better than most. For more than 35 years, we’ve strived to make accessible content the standard, working with advocacy groups and caption viewers to promote the need for accessibility and help represent consumers with hearing loss.

Developing, Embracing New Technologies

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool for many across a wide variety of industries, with advances in generative AI helping to create the next chapter in speech technology. And Verbit, VITAC’s parent company, has brought together the world’s experts to write it. 

Verbit, a comprehensive verbal intelligence platform for speech-intensive industries and global leader in speech technology, is harnessing AI to provide the best in transcription and captioning for our more than 3,000 enterprise customers across the media, legal, education, government, and corporate sectors.

As the largest provider of captioning and transcription in the media and entertainment industry, we’re always developing and exploring cutting-edge technologies and seeking ways to enhance our offerings and solutions, helping customers capture their words accurately and contextually.

Introducing ‘Verbit Captivate’

Our proprietary AI-powered captioning solution, Verbit Captivate, combines industry leading technology with our decades of captioning experience to provide high-accuracy captions, fast turnaround times, flexible, customizable solutions, and support and integrations for multiple file types and platforms.​

Built on a custom, adaptable, and secure engine developed by captioning, speech, and machine-learning experts, Captivate is trained using diverse language models, enabling it to understand accents, languages, and speech patterns better than generic ASR engines.

The Captivate Difference

What sets Captivate apart from other, generic ASR engines is that we designed, developed, built, and own the technology. Whereas other AI captioning vendors either provide an engine or a service, VITAC is unique in that we own both. And because of that, we can change, update, upgrade, and customize customer offerings, tuning our solutions to individual customer needs, creating an offering that achieves accuracy and results on a personal level.

Additionally, our engine is paired with specialists that boost captioning performance with customer-provided prep materials, our own pre- and post-session research, and live-session monitoring. It continuously adapts to accents, languages, and speech patterns to provide superior accuracy and performance and seamlessly transforms spoken language into written text.

Verbit Captivate features, among other things:

  • Customizable technology that allows for multiple levels of adaptation to customer-specific language
  • Dynamic, domain-specific dictionaries (sports, news, science, business, etc.)
  • Customer-centric, dedicated models and term-boosting abilities
  • Multilanguage support
  • Global prep support
  • Human backup
  • A quick and easy onboarding process
  • Compliance with FCC caption quality rules
  • Dedicated Customer Support

Work with a Trusted Accessibility Partner

From tailored solutions to helping customers achieve accessibility goals, VITAC is your trusted partner, committed to enhancing the impact and inclusivity of your media. Reach out to today to speak to one of captioning experts or to arrange for a demo of Captivate.