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VITAC’s Realtime, Live Captioning Services

Our live captioning solutions include the largest and most experienced workforce of captioners in the business, supported by a team of engineers, schedulers, and realtime technical services coordinators.

Our client support departments are staffed 24/7. When you choose us, be assured that you’ll not only receive the highest quality live captions, but also unmatched customer care and technical support.

Whether you need closed captions for your television or web series, meeting, or event, you can rely on us and know that we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about our services and/or request a quote to get started today, simply complete this form to speak with a captioning expert.

    Why Caption?

    Closed captioning is essential and beneficial for many people. Not only it is the law, but you also expand your audience when you use captions.

    Did you know?

    • Nearly 50 million Americans are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    • 2.3 million veterans are linked to hearing loss as the number one service-related injury
    • Millions of English as a Second Language (ESL) students use captions to help improve their English skills

    Hearing people use closed captioning as well. Have you ever been in a loud room, a noisy gym, on the subway, or in an Uber and want to watch a video with the sound off so as to not disrupt your surrounding environment? Well us, too! In fact, studies have shown that 85% of online videos are viewed without sound.

    How do you understand a video with the sound? Closed Captioning! Captions are helpful to everyone, and not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Without sound or captions, 41% of videos are incomprehensible.

    Don’t leave anyone out of your message. Let us help you create more inclusive content!

    Our Method

    Captions traditionally are created by people − highly trained professionals who understand the nuances of language and bring human sensitivities and contextual awareness to the captioning table. As an industry leader in captioning and accessible media solutions for more than three decades, VITAC strongly believes in the essential human element in creating captions. Our captioners are dedicated company employees who have been recruited, trained, tested and reviewed to ensure round-the-clock, reliable, secure and accurate customer service.

    While some companies might tout their X factor, we rely on our “H Factor” (our Human Factor). We have real people creating your captions and real people available 24/7 to support you.

    Check Out How Live Captioning Works

    This short, VITAC-produced video looks at how realtime, live closed captions are created, and the work involved in bringing captions to the screen, whether it be television, tablet, computer, or mobile phone.

    Live Captioning for Conferences and Remote Meetings

    Let us help ensure that your live remote events are accessible and meet Americans with Disability Act requirements. We offer custom remote meeting integration solutions, ensuring full participation and inclusion by all attendees for:

    • Classroom Lessons
    • Remote Meetings & Conferences
    • Lectures
    • Live Webinars
    • Presentations
    • Training Sessions
    • Group Discussions

    Our live captioners have captioned everything from Zoom to Adobe Connect to Webex to Google Meet and more. We’ll work with you to easily integrate live captions on a number of live virtual meeting and conferencing platforms. Our captions will also stream directly on the screen or to a secondary screen such as a mobile device or another monitor.


    Check Out Our Easy-to-Use Internet Captioning Service (ICS)

    ICS is a convenient, web-based player for viewing captions on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

    As a meeting organizer, remote student, employee, phone call participant, or organization, you can access live captions with a simple internet connection.


    How ICS is Used

    Users can stream live, realtime text anywhere in the world using the same high-quality captioners that produce English and Spanish closed captioning for live television, news, sports, and weather.

    ICS is compatible with Zoom, Adobe Connect, GlobalMeet, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, ON24, Twitch, Vimeo Livestream, Webex, Wowza, and more!

    Realtime, Live Captioning for Television

    We are the largest, most-experienced closed captioning company for nationally broadcast programming. VITAC has exclusive agreements with several major TV networks and many local news networks across the country.


    You’ve Seen Our Captions on TV

    We provide captions for:

    • Local and national nightly news
    • Live TV shows
    • Award shows
    • Regional, national and global sporting events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl


    Custom Client Solutions

    We pride ourselves on working with each client to identify their specific needs and tailor a solution that best satisfies it. In fact, we often develop exclusive, custom solutions for clients that won’t be found at other caption companies. These include:

    • Video via IP
    • Multiple connections
    • Seamless switching
    • IP captioning
    • Breaking news coverage
    • Extensive research

    Live Captioning for Sports, Concerts, or Events

    Our live event center and stadium captioning solutions can help make sports, concerts, and other live events accessible to everyone.

    Our exclusive service connects our highly-skilled human captioners with your scoreboard, ribbon board, and/or in-stadium CCTV system, displaying live captions for all in attendance. We also can stream captions to a dedicated URL, allowing your fans to access captions on their phones, tablets or mobile devices.

    girl at concert holding phone with captions on screen cheers and applause

    Live Captioning for Web/IP

    Are you streaming video live to the web? Let us make it accessible.

    If it’s an online web video, we know how to caption it. For programming delivered via IP simultaneously with TV broadcasts, we will send a “PiggyBack” feed to your video player, formatted to suit any platform.

    Additionally, if you’re going to archive or post your video online after you’ve streamed it, we can create an instant or perfected transcript and/or caption file for your on-demand video.


    Realtime Right Guarantee™

    We understand all the stress involved in live media productions. We also understand that one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is the quality of your live captions. Our industry exclusive Realtime Right Guarantee™ gives you that peace of mind, ensuring that your captions are accurate, synchronous, complete, and properly placed. With VITAC, you can relax and feel secure in the knowledge that you’re working with the largest, most experienced, and most trusted caption provider in the industry.

    Contact us today to start providing more inclusive content!

    Keeping Your Information Secure

    At VITAC, we take your security and confidentiality needs seriously, and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of client information and data. We design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

    We utilize in-house-developed applications following our standardized software development life cycle, secure and purpose-built systems and network environments, and technology practices that strive to meet the high-level standards of our clients and industry.

    Learn About Data Security

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How far in advance should I schedule my programming?

    A: Certainly the more lead-time, the better, but we routinely handle requests for quick project turnarounds and promise to deliver the captioned materials back to you within the timeframe that you need it.

    Q: Does VITAC support realtime captioning for web streaming services such as Webex, Zoom, or ON24?

    A: Yes, we have many solutions for web streaming services. Read more about our remote meeting caption integrations. Web streaming services:

    Q: Where have I seen VITAC’s captioning or subtitling work before?

    A: As the country’s largest provider of media and entertainment captioning in the industry, we have over 85 exclusive contracts covering more than 100 networks. We caption more than 580,000 live hours and 75,000 prerecorded programs per year. Our clients include every major broadcasting company and most cable networks as well as program producers, corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

    Q: Do you caption church services?

    A: We work with a number of congregations to add captions to live and online worship services and gatherings. Contact us to learn more about how captions can make your services more accessible.

    Q: Do you caption classrooms?

    Absolutely. In-class captions and captioned video instruction help make classrooms and course materials accessible to all students. In addition to satisfying requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, captions have been shown to, among other things, increase learning for all, help engage students, and help students focus and retain information.

    Q: How are live, or realtime, captions created?

    A: Live programming is captioned by specially trained realtime captioners who listen to a program as it is airing and “write” or respeak what they hear, sometimes at speeds of up to 250 words per minute. These words are fed into customized software which transmits the captions to display them live on your television screen.

    Q: Does VITAC have a library of caption/subtitle files?

    A: We archive every offline caption and subtitle file that we produce. And since captioning can be disrupted if you attempt to edit a captioned video, we can reformat or edit your caption file at a highly discounted rate, and redeliver the file to you.

    Q: Can captions be created in different languages?

    A: Closed captions can be created for any language that uses Roman characters, with some character limitations for accents such as the German umlaut. (The technology, however, always is evolving and some of the newer caption encoders are able to work with nontraditional characters.) Captions most commonly are created in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German. Subtitles can be created in any language. Read more about captions.

    Q: How do I ensure my information is secure?

    A: We take client security and confidentiality needs seriously, and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of client information and data. We design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

    Q: How do you decide what is important to caption?

    A: The Federal Communications Commission established rules for TV closed captioning to ensure that viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing have full access to programming and to provide guidance to video programming distributors and programmers. The rules apply to all television programming with captions, and require that captions be: Accurate – Captions must match the spoken words in the dialogue and convey background noises and other sounds to the fullest extent possible. Synchronous – Captions must coincide with their corresponding spoken words and sounds to the greatest extent possible, and must be displayed on the screen at a speed that can be read by viewers. Complete – Captions must run from the beginning to the end of the program to the fullest extent possible. Properly placed – Captions should not block other important visual content on the screen, overlap one another or run off the edge of the video screen. Note that the rules distinguish between offline (prerecorded), live (realtime), and near-live programming and recognize the hurdles involved with captioning live and near-live programming.

    Q: How do you ensure accuracy in live captioning?

    A: We have a highly specialized screening process that each new realtime captioner applicant must complete. We review a realtime captioning candidate’s written, unedited files of specific programs, and we evaluate a candidate’s speed, accuracy, theory, and writing style. After hire, all of our realtime captioners are trained by veteran captioners. During the training program, all trainees must achieve designated benchmarks related to captioning quality, and successfully pass each benchmark with a minimum of 98.5% accuracy. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognizes that live captioning will never be 100% verbatim due to the nature of its creation, however, we comply with all FCC Caption Quality Best Practices, including the creation of accurate, synchronous, complete, and properly placed captions.

    Q: What file types do you provide?

    VITAC delivers caption files, or timed text files, in hundreds of formats and variations of those formats. Our most common deliverables are .CAP, SRT and SCC files. Web caption file deliverables include DFXP, QT, RT, Youtube SRT, Facebook SRT, SMI, SBV, WMP, WebVTT and VTT. SMPTE-based caption formats are available in many “flavors” and include .CAP CSS, STL, ADBE, SCC, SMPTE-TT, Netflix SMPTE-TT, Amazon, SMPTE-TT, and iTunes SMPTE-TT.

    Q: What standards do you follow?

    A: We certify that our captions comply with all Federal Communications Commission Caption Quality Best Practices for accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement. Our service experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle your calls.

    Q: What video formats does VITAC accept and caption?

    A: VITAC can accept and add open or closed captions to nearly any video format. Customers who only need caption files send us proxy, or low resolution, video. If you’d like your video delivered with captions, either encoded or in a sidecar file, we ask for a high-quality video file, and accept delivery via Signiant or Aspera. Our in-house team offers flawless caption encoding to nearly every video format, no matter the video size. We use industry-leading workflow software to ensure all videos are analyzed, encoded, and delivered with quick turnarounds and assured video quality. Some of the more popular digital formats include MOV (all supported codecs), MP4, MPEG: 2 MXF, MPEG: 2 program streams, MPEG-2: transport streams, and 264: transport streams.

    Q: Will captions be lost if I edit my video?

    A: Most video edits will corrupt caption data. A very careful editor who keeps the captions in mind and sight while making small edits may be successful

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