Whitepaper: Exploring the era of automatic speech recognition

Expert analysis of the impact, limitations and opportunities of existing ASR technologies and a new one on the market

We pulled original research and recruited three technology leaders to reveal the most important factors professionals across every industry who are using ASR must know.

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  • An in-depth analysis of ASR technologies by leading speech and acoustics experts
  • Existing ASR tech shortcomings to be aware of
  • Data points from a research study of 200 senior-level professionals
  • Insights on Verbit’s answer to existing ASR solutions, Captivate™
  • Real-world use cases of ASR

Our contributors:


Adi Margolin

Director of Product Management, Verbit

Dr. Irit Opher-min

Dr. Irit Opher

VP of Research, Verbit

David Landsberg-min

David Landsberg

VP of Product, Verbit

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