Customer Spotlight

Working on Productions with Fast Turnaround Times for Le Confessionnal

In a Nutshell

Le Confessionnal is a post-production studio based in Montreal. They offer a wide range of services for productions all over Canada, including several popular reality TV shows, like the hit “Big Brother.” Le Confessionnal partners with VITAC Canada to provide top-notch captions with fast turnaround times.

The Challenge

Le Confessionnal was providing a variety of post-production services but wanted to expand to include captions as a service in their turnkey solutions model. Le Confessionnal sought an accessibility partner to provide captions for their post-production projects but it quickly became clear that few other captioning providers were able to provide the level of service needed on the extremely short turnaround times allotted for most reality TV shows.

“The types of shows we do, sometimes things happen very last minute. It was a no-brainer to send more shows to you because I think you have a better structure and you’re well equipped to deal with big shows with really tight schedules.”

Charles Rivard, Director of Operations and Business Development at Le Confessionnal

The Solution

VITAC’s commitment to flexibility and fast turnarounds enabled Le Confessionnal to offer captions on their post-production services, even when working on shows with extremely tight

VITAC Offers Le Confessionnal

Accurate captioning services, provided by Canadian-based captioners who understand the nuances of language, especially as regards to Quebecois French and the speed in which some speakers can switch between English and French.

Captions delivered on time, every time.

A dedicated and responsive customer support team available 24/7 to answer questions, field new requests, and troubleshoot any potential issues.

A straightforward ordering and invoicing process with no hidden fees.

The Results

On Growing a Post-Production Business

Charles Rivard, Director of Operations and Business Development at Le Confessionnal, says that finding a partner like VITAC to offer captioning services is simply good business sense. “To be honest, it was a way to get more sound mixing in my studio. Because if I offer the whole package, it’s more beneficial for our clients to come to us because it’s a one-stop-shop to come here.” Le Confessionnal can offer their clients seamless services in a simplified workflow. “It’s just making life easier for our clients.”


On Finding the Right Accessibility Partner

The speed with which reality TV shows can operate might make even the biggest fans dizzy. But VITAC had the capacity to deliver even on the tightest of turnaround times, enabling Le Confessionnal to always give their projects back to clients on time. “Since working with you guys, there hasn’t been a single missed deadline,” says Rivard.

On Caption Accuracy

Rivard notes that different dialects and frequent use of more than one language can mean accuracy
is a struggle for some captioning solutions. “Some of the other providers I felt were a bit shaky. Some
were based in France, and the time difference was a struggle in meeting our deadlines. Also, the French we speak, and the French spoken in France is different. I wasn’t comfortable with that situation because there are so many differences and there’s a lot of use of slang in our reality shows. We also go back and forth between English and French a lot; we sometimes call it Franglish. That’s why I’m happy to work with VITAC, I know they have a lot of Canadian captioners, and I feel more comfortable that they understand the culture.”

“Since getting set up, everything has gone very well. There have been no problems.”

Charles Rivard, Director of Operations and Business Development at Le Confessionnal

Le Confessionnal

Le Confessionnal provides post-production services like sound, stereo mixing, and voiceover recordings as well as sound effects, soundscapes, and video
description. Priding themselves on offering a one-stop shopping experience for all their media and entertainment clients, they made the move in 2018 to seek out a partner to provide captions for their post-production services. Including captions in the service packages they can offer clients meant further securing their foothold as a top-notch post-production studio.

The company logo for Le Confessionnal Innovation Sonore. In black lettering the words "Le Confessionnal" and underneath, in thinner black lettering the words "Innovation Sonore". Next to the words is a black circle. Inside is a capital M in black with a black cross above it.

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