21 Oct 2021 Laura Swanson

We Make Accessibility Accessible for You

Technology today makes it easier than ever to broadcast live content or share videos in an instant. But increased interconnectivity doesn’t always mean that videos or live broadcasts are accessible to the millions of people in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Our new free ebook – “Accessible Accessibility – 7 Reasons to Caption (and why it’s easy!)” – offers a beginner’s guide to captions. Learn how creators, institutions, and businesses of all sizes can become more accessible and use captions to expand their reach, attract customers, and better communicate with their entire audience.

Now, more than any time before, ensuring that our stories, school lessons, work meetings, press briefings, news items, and videos are inclusive and accessible to everyone is crucial. This ebook explains how captions are created and offers solutions for keeping the captioning process simple.