VITAC Among Sponsors of SVG Regional Sports Production Summit, Showcases AI Sports Captioning Solution

Jun 14 2024 VITAC
Wide view of the Colorado Rockies baseball stadium, full of fans, as the sun sets in the distance.

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VITAC, the leading provider of sports captioning in North America, was among the sponsors of the SVG Regional Sports Production Summit in Denver, CO.

The Regional Sports Production Summit brought together production, technology, and business leaders from regional sports networks and local sports media to share ideas, learn from one another, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sports video production sector.

Topics up for discussion included the latest developments in live-production workflows, direct-to-consumer and authenticated streaming, sports betting and alternate telecasts, 4K HDR and other next-gen technologies, labor and crewing, league and team relationships, and what the future holds for the regional sports media rights.

Summit logo, reading "SVG Regional Sports Production Summit, Denver, June 26-27, 2024

Speakers included executives from Major League Baseball, PAC-12 Networks, Spectrum SportsNet, YES Network, NBC Sports, Altitude Sports, Scripps Sports, and Diamond Sports, among others.

VITAC’s Deborah Restall, Vice President of Sales, Sports, and Sean Haux, VITAC Sales Engineer, were on hand to answer questions, talk about the latest trends in sports broadcasting, and discuss our newest sports captioning solution – Captivate™.

Sports captioning built for you

As the country’s top provider of sports captioning, VITAC has captioned regional, national, and global sporting events like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games as well as the Winter and Summer Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup. We keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies, and work to develop new solutions to meet customer demands.

We were proud to showcase our new, proprietary AI captioning solution, Captivate, at this year’s sports production summit. Combining industry leading technology with our decades of captioning experience, Captivate provides high-accuracy captions and transcripts, guaranteed uptimes, customizable solutions, and integrations with multiple platforms.

Built in-house by transcription, speech, and machine learning experts, Captivate is trained using diverse language models enabling it to understand languages, accents, and speech patterns better than generic ASR engines. Our scalable technology can be tailored to the individual customer and applied to various ASR core models depending on their specific need.

Further separating Captivate from other generic engines, the solution features our Dynamic Domain Dictionary™, which constantly searches domain-specific terms and trending topics to form an always up-to-date base library. We then layer customer-specific domain boosting (based on advanced prep materials, pre- and post-session research, and live-session monitoring), multi-language support and additional customization options to deliver the most customer-relevant and accurate output.

With customization and prep available before and during each game, you can rest assured that player names, sports terms, and game-specific lingo will be captured accurately and spelled correctly.

Interested in learning more?

Email Deb Restall to set up a time to meet at the sports production summit or get more details on Captivate and VITAC’s other captioning and access solutions.

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