VITAC Makes It Easy to Add Captions to Your Zoom Meetings

Nov 17 2021 David Titmus
six people on a web meeting with captions Joe, I know what you mean and Yes it will be helpful

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A day punctuated by Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting can be stressful. Wondering if your colleagues can see all the clutter in your background or worrying that the kids or the cats will make a surprise appearance all the while trying to keep your eyes focused on the screen are all par for the course in these days of remote meetings. The last thing you need is confusion and anxiety over how your captions will appear onscreen.

Don’t stress out – VITAC has you covered. We’ve made ordering captions and captioning your Zoom calls simple and easy.

Ordering Made Easy

VITAC Zoom customers can now use our Internet Captioning order site,, to order events.  The site includes an option to add technical contacts and meeting links, and enables users to make changes up to 24 hours before an event.

Users also have the option to add our Internet Captioning Services (ICS) to an event. VITAC’s ICS streamer is a convenient, web-based player for viewing captions on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Selecting this will enable captions to display on a second screen so that while the meeting is conducted on one screen, the captions will stream on another.

Contact your account representative to learn more about ordering Zoom through our order site.

No more bulky API tokens

With VITAC’s Zoom closed captioning, there no longer is a need for sharing bulky Zoom API tokens. Instead, meeting hosts find our captioner from the list of attendees, and simply assign them to caption.  Our captioner copies the token into our proprietary captioning solution and sends data to Zoom via API. The captioner will send a caption test to ensure they are connected, and will communicate via Zoom chat if needed.

And that’s it. Pretty simple, right?

As the largest and most-trusted captioning provider in the industry, we are relied upon daily by many of the most recognized companies. From entertainment and media companies to Fortune 100 corporations to world-class educational institutions, our clients trust us to get the job done. We pride ourselves on working closely with and listening to the needs of each client, and have developed systems and processes to deliver exactly what you want from your go-to captioning partner while aiming, above all, to make your life easier.

Info box with the text "OF NOTE ● For guaranteed captioning service, VITAC requires that clients request service at least two (2) business days in advance of the event start time. Although we will make every effort to accommodate requests booked with less than two business days’ notice, we cannot guarantee that a captioner will be available. ● Please note that when scheduling a Zoom event, with or without ICS captions, you will need to provide the Zoom meeting link for the event so that our captioner can join the meeting. The Zoom link does not have to be shared at the time of ordering, but must be provided at least 30 minutes in advance of the event’s start time. ● • Any event preparation materials that you share help us provide the best caption experience possible. VITAC will need any preparation materials (such as PowerPoint slide decks or presentations, names of speakers and presenters, meeting agendas, website links, and terms or acronyms specific to your industry or event) at least 24 hours in advance to help improve our accuracy."