VITAC Joins World’s First Global Directory of Disability Inclusion Specialists

By: David Titmus
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VITAC is proud to be listed in the Valuable 500’s ‘Valuable Directory’ ─ the world’s first independently expert-reviewed global directory of B2B consultants and service providers specialized in disability inclusion and accessibility.

VITAC is one of only 77 organizations globally to be featured in the directory, which includes business disability intelligence and experts spanning six continents and 19 countries. The Valuable Directory’s consultants and experts boast strong experience in the areas of digital, physical, and cognitive accessibility to assist Valuable 500 companies in advancing disability inclusion within their businesses.

Image of the Valuable 500 logo with the words "working with the Valuable 500" above and below“Our appointment to the Valuable Directory shows our ongoing support to ending disability exclusion, and we look forward to working with the Valuable 500 companies to achieve this,” said VITAC General Manager Doug Karlovits. “Supporting the Valuable 500’s mission to promote equality and put disability on the global leadership business agenda continues our tradition of advocacy.”

The Valuable 500 is a global campaign calling for 500 of the most influential businesses to include disability on their leadership agendas. Its mission is to use the power of business to drive change for the 1.3 billion people around the world living with a disability, and develop programs to make business more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Hosted via the Valuable 500’s members-only Digital Hub, the Valuable Directory was created and built as a resource for Valuable 500 companies following feedback that access to disability business expertise was critical in their journey to ending disability exclusion. This first iteration showcases 77 businesses that have been vetted by 21 revered thought leaders across the global disability space.

“It is truly exciting to have closely collaborated with our colleagues in the disability community to create this unique community of disability inclusion experts,” said Valuable 500 Director of Partnerships Stephane Leblois. “By creating this global directory, we will be able to further support the Valuable 500 companies in advancing their disability inclusion and accessibility work. The Valuable Directory is a brilliant tool that will continue to evolve to meet their changing needs and reflect the complexity of designing and implementing successful disability inclusion strategies.”

A leader in captioning and accessibility services for the past 35 years, VITAC strives to create a culture where everyone feels supported, valued, and empowered. Our team shares in the purpose of improving lives by expanding the reach of communications, and our employees pride themselves on building lasting relationships, exceeding expectations, and finding solutions for all needs.

We strongly believe in making accessible content the standard across all sectors and, to that end, we have worked with advocacy groups and caption viewers around the world to help give back, promote the need for accessibility, and represent consumers who are blind or with hearing loss.