26 Jan 2021 David Titmus

VITAC Guarantees Make Offline Captioning Accurate, Secure, Easy

It’s no secret why VITAC is the largest and most-trusted provider of offline captioning in the media and entertainment industry.

For nearly 35 years, caption clients – including broadcast networks, cable stations, station groups, television producers, post supervisors, and online video providers, among others – have relied on us for our caption accuracy, reliability, data security, responsiveness, and superior customer service.

We are the exclusive provider of offline captioning for prerecorded programming on more than two dozen television networks, and we’re a preferred captioning vendor for a variety of other programmers, including HBO Max, Hulu, and A+E Networks.

Captioner creates accurate captions for the Offline Captioning BlogOur experienced offline team creates verbatim captions for a variety of television shows, films, and video programs. Our captioners are experts in their craft and masters of description, line breaks, timing, readability, sound effects, and common style rules. They do their research to ensure that the captioned content is correct and accurate. (Like, is that character on the show “Supernatural” nicknamed “Cas” or “Cass”?)

Our captions for prerecorded programming meet Federal Communications Commission guidelines for offline captioning.

Our offline captioning department is staffed 24/7, ensuring that clients never have to sacrifice quality for quick turnaround. When you work with VITAC, you also work with a team of schedulers and coordinators who receive and check all video before moving it into the production process. Our scheduling software tells us at any given minute where your program is in production, ensuring on-time delivery within the hour requested.

H Factor

At VITAC, we have real people producing captions, which means fewer errors, better quality, and the best accuracy.

Our “H Factor” means that clients benefit from having experienced, highly trained professionals on their project – professionals who understand the nuances and complexities of human language like no auto captioning machine or software can. And, unlike some other captioning vendors, it also means that we have real people on hand to answer your questions, to help you better understand the captioning process, and to be there when you need us.

Captioning is an art, and we strongly believe in the importance of having a human element involved in creating that art and providing you with top-quality captions.

Caption Security

We take our clients’ security and confidentiality needs seriously, and design our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards.

Each and every one of our employees understands the sensitivity of the information we see each and every day – whether it’s that big reveal at the end of next week’s hit drama or the newest plot twist on your favorite soap – we go to great lengths to ensure your security.

Our floors are key-card protected, our networks feature complex interdepartmental systems permissions, and we keep drives and USB ports locked down and computers from recognizing flash drives. For some shows, sequestered teams are created for the entire series with watermarked videos, and projects can include non-disclosure agreements, code names, or even discrete computer setups to restrict exposure to passersby.

Profanity Monitoring

Federal law prohibits obscene, indecent, and profane content from being broadcast on television. And one of the many perks of working with us is that we’ll be your profanity monitor and ensure your program makes it to air with only the four-letter (or five- or six- or seven-letter) words that you meant to include.

We work closely with clients to learn their standards in order to create captions designed to meet those standards. We take time to learn what words they want on the air, and what words they don’t.

We also back up all of our human checks with our own specially designed software that identifies any profanity or offensive words in offline captioned text that may have been missed by our captioners. The software can be customized by client or program, with reports generated to trigger action without sacrificing quick turnaround.

Our Guarantee

Along with our experience and reputation as the largest closed captioning provider in the industry, clients receive our industry-exclusive Post Right Guarantee. The guarantee ensures quick project turnarounds, scheduling flexibility that allows for last-minute changes, accuracy on all captioning, compliance​ with accessibility guidelines, and dedicated, 24/7, captioning and customer service support.

Whether you need captions for scripted dramas, comedies, cartoons, or late-edited, prime-time programming, trust VITAC to provide you with the best solution.